Buying a House Long-Term: Why Investing in Real Property Is a Smart Choice This 2024

23 May 2024
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Buying a House Long-Term: Why Investing in Real Property Is a Smart Choice This 2024

Real estate has come up a few times if you plan to invest. Each type of investment has its own risks, pros, and cons, but there's a reason why it has stood the test of time. If you're planning to invest in real property for the first time, you may be daunted by it, but one thing's for sure: it's worth it. 

Throughout the article, we'll discuss reasons why investing in real property is a wise decision. As property values will only increase, it's vital to buy one to take advantage of this opportunity. 


Real Estate Gives Homebuyers More Control on Their Assets

Unlike some investments like bonds and stocks, real estate is tangible. You can decide what to do with it as soon as you own it. It is also less volatile, as the real estate market doesn't fluctuate as much as other markets. There are various types of property to choose and buy, such as condos and townhouses. 

When it comes to management, it's mostly in your hands. You can manage your property yourself or coordinate with our dedicated property management office to help you. If you want to renovate the property, you're free to do so. If you want to put the property for rent or lease, that's also a viable option. The possibilities of what you can do with your property are dependent on your knowledge and creativity.


Offers Avenues for Income Generation

Once you have your real property, there are a variety of ways for you to earn income. One of the methods to generate earnings is putting the property for rent. This way, you can gain passive income steadily while covering maintenance and other expenses through rent. Depending on the contract agreed upon, you can choose to sell the property to the tenant after the renting period has ended. 

Another revenue-generating strategy is to purchase and sell a property when its value rises. Some homebuyers prefer to buy properties in the "pre-selling" stage, units that have not yet been built. Pre-selling homes are sold at a lesser price than finished properties, so investors can buy pre-selling properties and resell them for a higher price once development is completed. Through this, you can repeat the process and earn high profits.

This shows that real estate is quite versatile regarding income options as you decide what to do with it. 


Real Estate Appreciation

Appreciation in real estate means that the value of the property has increased. For example, someone bought a property in a highly urbanized city five years ago. The value of that property has increased since that time because of the demand and location. If you continuously renovate the property, that would contribute positively to its value. Other factors can also affect the appreciation of the property, like inflation and changing market trends. 

This means that investing in real property will yield significant earnings if you've invested in one for an extended period. After appreciation, you can choose to sell that property for higher gains, making your return on investment on that real estate also high. 


Provides Protection Against Inflation

Compared to other investments, real estate fares better against inflation, making it a better option than most when buying power decreases. For one thing, property value doesn't go down, and due to the growing demand for properties, its value will continue to rise. 

If the inflation rate is high, other costs would go up. As the homeowner, you can raise rent/lease costs to accommodate the price increase and maintain the property's high value, which results in maintaining your income. 


Own a home today!

Starting May 30, 2024, the value of your Empire East property will rise. If you buy a property today, you'll certainly gain a lot from it! You can earn passively or wait for its value to increase before selling it. However, it's important to remember that how much your ROI will depend on how you manage your investment. Let us help you on your home-buying journey today!





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