Spacious and Luxurious Private Living in San Juan with Mango Tree Residences

20 June 2024
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In Empire East, one of the main aspects of residential construction that we have mastered over the years is the quality of our architecture. 


One of the testaments to our dedication to providing high-quality real estate projects is Mango Tree Residences. The space got its namesake from the mango trees that were already here before the project began. It is one of our ongoing high end developments where, it is focused on providing spacious living units in a place that’s connected to essential locations.


The first thing to know about Mango Tree Residences is that it sits in the heart of San Juan City, specifically along M. Paterno and Ledesma Streets in Brgy. Pasadena. One of the pros of residing in this particular site is the convenience it brings. For people who regularly commute, they can go to the condo by riding an LRT and stopping at either J. Ruiz or Gilmore stations, where they can then ride another vehicle to reach their destination. This can also work to your benefit, as its location is far from the noise and pollution commonly seen in urban places.


Furthermore, residents can reach well-known CBDs like Quezon City and Makati through San Juan’s roads in only a few kilometers. If you’re particularly working for a company whose office is one of the two cities, then living in Mango Tree Residences can be suitable for your situation.


It is also near various well-known landmarks. If you have children who go to La Salle Greenhills (2km away), Xavier School (650m away), or Immaculate Conception Academy (950m away), don’t worry; these schools are only a short drive away from Mango Tree Residences. For people who want to go shopping, the development is near famous malls like Robinsons Magnolia (1km away) and Greenhills Shopping Center (1.15km away), where you can buy a lot of things, including clothing and electronics that Greenhills is specifically known for. 


Mango Tree Residences has two towers: the East and West Residences. Both of them are high-rise towers, with East Residences having 34 floors while West Residences having 38 floors. 


What’s special about Mango Tree Residences compared to Empire East’s other projects is its low-density living setup. Unlike most towers where there are around 15 to 25 units in each level, there are only about 9 to 12 units per level here. This means that you can enjoy great privacy in the different unit types offered: executive studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and penthouse units. 


Another benefit of having a low-rise setup is the size of the units themselves. You don’t need to live in tight spaces to experience urban living in the metro, as the sizes of the units range up to 92 sqm. And since there are only 9 to 12 units per level, you’ll have a greater sense of privacy compared to other residences. This shows that no matter the project, Empire East doesn’t compromise quality when building residences.


But the benefits of living in Mango Tree Residences don’t stop with low-density units. We want to embody the essence of living a soothing lifestyle (as invoked by its nature-inspired name) through our amenities. There is a Garden Deck on the 7th level and the landscape garden. They are great places to take a breather and appreciate the area. For people who want to prioritize their well-being, the condo has open spaces where they can freely exercise or rest comfortably. There are also pools and a yoga station for those who either want to take a dive and be refreshed under the heat or strengthen their physical and mental health.


Surrounded by vibrant mango trees in the center of San Juan City, Mango Tree Residences epitomizes the harmonious blend of luxury living and exceptionally-constructed structures. Every aspect of the project’s architecture, from the low-density development and the resort-inspired amenities to the mango-tree inspired color schemes and structural designs, this project is meticulously crafted so residents can experience a world where tranquility meets sophistication. 


Whether it's the serene atmosphere, elegantly appointed interiors that evoke a sense of refined comfort, our condominium offers an unparalleled sanctuary where residents can indulge in the best of both worlds: the serenity of nature and the opulence of modern luxury living.

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