NEWS - 24 June 2019

Five ways to spend time indoors with the family during the rainy season

Five ways to spend time indoors with the family during the rainy season


Why wait for the sun when you have your own source of shine at home - your family! During bad weather, due to cancelled classes and appointments, you get to spend more time with your family at home. Use this as an opportunity to take some time-out from everyday stresses and spend some downtime in the great indoors with them.


Gather together and check out what you can do to lift everyone's spirits in gloomy times:


Make Slime!

Channel your creativity in this activity. If you have kids at home, they would surely be interested in making slime using simple things you can find at home like glue and shaving cream! This easy craft can amuse your children for hours. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty because the stress-relieving motion of squeezing slime is hugely beneficial for every adult! If you're feeling fancy, add some glitter to the party!







Clean-up and Declutter!

As author-slash-organizing consultant Marie Kondo once said, "Tidying is the act of confronting yourself." Take this time to declutter your home and to try out the much-talked-about KonMari method of cleaning, finally.


This method encourages you to keep only those items that speak to your heart and discard items that no longer "spark joy." Get the family involved and work together to make your home a space of light and love.




Treat your taste buds and get everyone involved in the kitchen. Read through a cookbook and find a recipe that your family will have fun making. If you have a sweet tooth, easy desserts are also a way to go. The family will truly find comfort in seeing their kitchen creations come to life so you all can enjoy a hearty meal as well. Besides, teaching your kids how to cook could open up a lifelong skill that will come in handy through the rest of their lives.






There's no excuse for missing the gym when you have extra time. Make it a family goal to squeeze in a few minutes of cardio and stretches to make sure everyone's muscles are not sluggish, and everyone's mood is uplifted and inspired.  There are plenty of exercise sets you can do at home! And it will be way fun to have your family gathered around through laughs and giggles as well.




Reset with some R&R realness


Transform the house into a one-day spa. Dim the lights, set up some relaxing music, and light up those scented candles you've kept on display. You can get some well-deserved relaxation with the entire family. Treat them to a facial mask, a hot bath, and sweet homemade chocolate to achieve thorough pampering. Recharge to resume the refreshing days ahead.




Through rain or shine, you can rely on your family to be with you throughout any event in your life. So spending time with them is one of the most precious things you could do to express your love and appreciation towards them!

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