NEWS - 08 January 2021

The Sweet Life and The “Suite” Life

Mango is a fruit that Filipinos undeniably love to eat. Nobody can resist savoring the sweetness of ripe mangoes, glowing in golden yellow peel and oozing with pulpy juiciness. Though some would prefer consuming unripen ones, giving them that sour taste and crispy texture perfect with bagoong, most of us would still desire to relish the sweet mangoes, whether they are mixed on delightful desserts or simply eat it as the fruit itself.


How about living in an urban enclave filled with decades-old mango trees? Does it seem like a “sweet life” awaits you? Indeed, you can indulge in the sweetness of life when you choose Mango Tree Residences in San Juan City as your future address!


The Sweet Life


Nestled in a 3,000-square meter land filled with enormous mango trees around its perimeter, the Mango Tree Residences is a two-tower condominium community by real estate innovator Empire East. This quiet spot along the rolling terrains and elevated streets of M. Paterno and J. Ledesma in San Juan City is perfect for aspiring homebuyers who would love living in an exclusive neighborhood that is highly accessible to the rest of the metro. Future residents can swiftly travel to Greenhills Shopping Center and Ortigas Central Business District, while the efficient road networks around the area can also quickly bring them to Makati, Manila and Quezon City.


Its prime location lets you enjoy the sweetness of life—with the perfect balance of doing your work or handling your business, and spending quality time with your family. The natural fruit-bearing trees in your property connects you closer to nature, as you indulge yourself in relaxation and rejuvenation in your own recreational amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness gym, yoga station, al fresco lounge and garden deck.


The double-height ceiling and wide glass walls of your hotel-type lobby, as well as the stilts that support the podium of your two towers, allow natural sunlight and ventilation to freely flow around, helping you to ease up your mind and body stress.


The “Suite” Life


At Mango Tree Residences, you do not simply get a condo unit that is usually cramped and restricted. Instead, you can adore living in well-appointed residential suites with spaces as huge as luxury hotel rooms. The carefully thought two-bedroom suites, ranging from 45.15 to 53.77 square meters, with selected suites with patio up to 68.10 square meters and bigger suites at the penthouse levels up to 92.64 square meters, are perfect for starting and growing families.


Each floor for both West Residences and East Residences is masterfully planned to ensure ultimate exclusivity and privacy for its dwellers. All residential levels are kept with low density of only 9 to 12 suites per floor, while penthouse levels have only 6 suites.


Being the tallest development in the area, soaring at 38 and 34 levels, you can enjoy an optimum view of Metro Manila’s breathtaking skyline from the wide glass windows of your residential suite. The two towers of Mango Tree Residences will definitely stand out and will be an iconic landmark in San Juan City.


Reserve your suite today and taste the sweet life every day! To learn more about this prestigious development and the exclusive offers of Empire East, you may call (02) 8810-3333 or send an email to inquiry@empire-east.com. Please also follow @empireeast at our socials for the latest promos.


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