Empire East Gives the Gift of Joy to the Children in Baseco Community

24 November 2019

Baseco, Port Area, Manila - In line with Empire East's mission to reach out to various communities in the metro, the team went to the distant Baseco compound in Manila to offer a day of happiness to underprivileged children.

The event titled "REACHarge" allowed about 100 kids to receive joy in the form of food, games, and gifts. 







"It's the first time that this kind of event happened in our community," shares a parent. "Not everyone looks into this side of the metro to know our needs. Thank you to Empire East for acknowledging our community. The children are happy," she continues.


The Baseco children, in return, warmed the hearts of the volunteers through their genuine gestures of appreciation. As they receive their loots filled with new toys, they are reminded of the goodness of the world and that they feel also compelled to pay it forward.



"I'd like to take this opportunity for my agents to learn how fortunate they are with their situation," says event organizer and Associate Managing Director Jun Sequitin. "At the same time, we'd like to take this opportunity to share the blessings we have received this year."



Empire East is celebrating 25 years of building unparalleled communities in Metro Manila. To know more, follow #EmpireEastCares on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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