20 October 2019
Empire East Spreads Cheers to the North


BAGUIO CITY - About 100 children from four different barangays in Baguio City, including Lower Lourdes, Lourdes Extension, Lourdes Proper, and Dominican Mirador, participated in the annual feeding and gift-giving program by Empire East last weekend.


The program titled "Mangan Tayon," an Ilocano expression that means "Let's Eat!" began with a heartfelt prayer led by a Barangay Kagawad, followed by a welcome message from Barangay Captain Florante Sapitula.












The children and their parents engaged in fun activities through the guidance of Kuya Ivan and Ate Gemma - both part of Empire East's sales team assigned in Baguio. This included interactive games with exciting prizes.


The children also received sets of art materials and enjoyed in a coloring workshop that allowed them to unleash their creativity. Finally, everyone feasted on delicious and nutritious meals prepared for them.









Kerwin Javier from the Baguio-based Empire East sales team shares how thankful he is for this year's activities. "This event is not just about simple gifts or perishable goods. The more important reason is to create lasting memories that these children will treasure. Who knows? We might inspire them to pay it forward with other communities as they grow older."


The team also expressed their gratitude to everyone who made this event possible.


The Mangan Tayon feeding program is part of Empire East's pocket CSR initiatives to help spread cheers and hope to various communities in the country.

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