JOYOUS: Empire East Shares Love and Happiness to the Kids of CRIBS Foundation Inc.

18 November 2019

ANTIPOLO CITY -- Empire East salesforce initiated a gift-giving activity as they share happiness and love to the abandoned and neglected children of CRIBS Foundation, Inc. in Antipolo City, on November 19, 2019.



 Previously located in Marikina, the CRIBS Foundation, Inc. is currently on its second year in Antipolo City. The foundation shelters infants and toddlers ages 0-3 years. In total, they have at least 22 kids who are waiting for a foster family that could give them the love and care that they need.


Aside from these kids, they also give hope to teenagers, specifically girls, who were victims of abuse and sexual harassment. CRIBS gives them food, shelter, and supports their studies until they finish college. At the age of 17, these girls would eventually have to leave the foundation, although they will still be supported under the After Care Program to help them finish their degree.


Meanwhile, as the activities kicked in, members of the Empire East salesforce were required to attend the orientation on how the foundation came to be. Some ground rules have also been discussed. They also went for a quick tour around the vicinity-- playrooms, bedrooms, and function areas which the kids use for their activities.



The Empire East sales team was divided into three groups: the first group volunteered to play with the toddlers, the second looked after the infants, while the last group prepared various games and activities for the girls.



Part of their program is a Zumba-inspired dance workshop as well as a drawing activity that aims to let the kids express themselves through art. Aside from being good in dancing, these talented kids also produced well-crafted paintings which they would sell at a lower cost. This can help them support their studies and other everyday errands.


After a series of fun-filled activities, delicious meals were distributed for everyone to share. 

Before the program ended, the kids performed a dance number as they give out tiny notes with their thank-you messages. 


Empire East wrapped the day up with a gift-giving activity where they shared goods, groceries, and other consumable items for the kids.


For years, Empire East has been reaching out to its neighboring communities through various CSR activities. Part of its mission is to build and share hope to the youth, who are gems of the future generation, and will eventually be the aces of nation-building.


For those who are willing to extend their help to the kids of the CRIBS Foundation, Inc., you may send your queries to, or you may visit their Facebook Page: CRIBSFoundationInc.



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