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12 June 2020
2020 Timeless Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Definitely Love!


A father's love is timeless and shines through when most needed. Wherever you may be this father's day, let's make this day extra special by sending them our love in every way we can. 

But for those who are willing to go the extra mile, here are some timeless and practical gift suggestions that will leave memories for you and your dad!

Before we get to our list, quick tip, you should check out a gift idea as special as how our dads have been to us all these years - a strong and sturdy home! See this sweet condo for sale in Pasig-Cainta, Empire East Highland City, and how it's the perfect home for your family! Now, onto our suggestions! 


1. A watch!

Nothing completes a stunning look more than a watch. While this isn't a timeless gift (get our dad joke?), most watches hold significant meanings for its wearers. This gift will serve as a constant reminder of you whenever your dad wears it. It might also be a great way for him to manage his time well. Now you'll always have time together! (haha, strike two!)



 2. Cologne

We all have that one scent that reminds us of our dad's because they mostly stick to one cologne! Snoop into your dad's vanity and see if his favorite scent is running out. If it is, we suggest that getting them a refill will save them from being iconvenienced in the future. They'll surely appreciate the kind gesture. 



3. Wallet

Dads are known for their classic wallets that they've always carried around. More often than not, we'd find them worn out from use! Surprise your dad with a new wallet that can keep their money and coins organized. Bonus points if you put cash! As dads always say, "It's the inside that counts."



4. Clothes


Give your dad a makeover this quarantine so they can flaunt their #dadbod! Spice up their wardrobe by getting them a fresh set of shirts and pants that they can use daily. Remember: clothes that combine style and comfort is the key to selecting the perfect gift! 




5. Wine


For dads that enjoy drinking, they would say that wine gets better with time. Do you know what else gets better with time? Your bond! Pop a bottle or two and have some needed heart to heart talk or reminisce some fun memories you had together. Spending time with your dad is a gift in itself. 


This quarantine allowed us to hang out more and reconnect with our loved ones. As we get to cool off from our daily routines, our minds get clearer when making decisions that will better our family's quality of life.


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