28 February 2016

Living in the city is stressful. Everyday, city dwellers wake up to a barrage of inescapable stressors that put more strain or pressure to their lives, such as the increasing heat and humidity, air and noise pollution, and the worsening condition of our transport system (read: broken trains and traffic jams). Now, one may always think of traveling or pampering one’s self as a go-to respite to escape the numerous stressors that surround urban living, but there’s actual a cheaper, better way to break free from all these tension–and you have nature to thank for it.
Here are four reasons why living near green areas is beneficial to you, backed by science:

1. Living near green spaces helps adjust your disposition

When you think about it, there are so many things that could make you sad in the city: rising gas prices, commuting hassles, stress at work. However, plants and trees could help you beat your sadness to the curb. Walking around an area with lots of green foliage, like a garden or park, helps boost one’s mood and memory. In fact, a study done in the US proved that people showed positive signs of enhanced mood and memory after walking in nature versus city walking. When you’re feeling blue because cost of electricity just went up the roof, walk through any garden and feel instantly refreshed. It’s better than heading out to a bar to drink your woes away. And it’s a lot cheaper, too!

2. Living near green spaces helps you sleep better

Sleeping becomes difficult when you’re in a place surrounded by too much lights and noise. It becomes even more difficult if, on top of the lights and noise, you still have work or personal stuff to think of. If you have trouble sleeping at night, try walking where the trees and plants are. A research done in Japan found that walking in the forest helped people sleep better at night, with improvements in the depth and quality of their slumber. Of course, urbanites living in Metro Manila do not have access to forests, but if you have access to a park or garden, aim to have leisurely evening strolls there to help you sleep soundly at night.


3. Living near green spaces helps you beat periodic mental blocks

With the way city dwellers have to move along with all the hustle and bustle that happen in the metro, many would experience occasional mental blocks. Mental block is the inability to think clearly, which is oftentimes brought about by fatigue and stress. This could manifest in different situations, such as having difficulty completing a task at work or having difficulty generating new ideas for your project even if you’re an inherently creative person. To beat this, you can have a brisk walk in the park because studies have shown that getting in touch with greenery helps lessen brain fatigue and draws people to a state of mental meditation. When you have something deep to think about, a lush park is a great place to go. Better than a coffee shop!


4. Living near green spaces makes you healthier

You know how eating greens have a good effect on your body? Well, it seems being near greens also have good effects on one’s health. According to a Dutch research, greener environments help improve your immune system and enable you to have more intense levels of physical activities. Greener environments also help you recover quickly from sickness. People who live near a park or wooded area experience less anxiety and depression. A European study also supported the same point: people who are near green areas had improved mental wellbeing for at least three years.


5. Living near green spaces make you a better person

According to studies done by American professor Frances Kuo, environments with lush greenery have a direct impact on the overall attitude or behaviour of people living in or near it.
People who reside near gardens, parks or forests tend to be more sociable, generous and kind. These people also show better forms of self-discipline and exhibit better mental health. They tend to be more caring and trusting of others, and they are willing to help others in times of need. Now you know why it’s always a great idea to have a nice walk in the park.
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