5 Self-care investments that can make life more manageable for busy bees

23 September 2020


Spending your money on things that improve your sanity is a good investment. Why? Keeping tabs on your mental health and well-being should be on top of your priorities. Studies show that healthy people are more likely to be productive at work. Moreover, self-care is also said to be linked to overall happiness and satisfaction. Thus there’s no reason for you to put off investments that could positively affect your mind and body. Self-care is not indulgent; it’s strategic and critical. 


Here are some self-care investments a hardworking professional like you should never feel guilty spending money on:




A soft and durable mattress or bedding


Where do you spend your time after a long day’s work? An existing study supports the claim that sleep quality is directly correlated to our perceived stress. It’s highly suggested that a good night’s sleep equates to a better mood and an overall improvement in our sleeping patterns. This implies that investing in soft and durable bedding is not a bad idea, and it’s just right to consider the quality of sleep you get. There’s no need to feel bad about spending an extra dime on a mattress that could last you a long time.





Self-help books and podcast subscriptions


Self-care leads to long-term business success. If you’re part of the professional population, you can use a little pick-me-up in between breaks, like educational and motivational books, or a subscription to a TED talk or podcast. You’ll thank yourself later for feeding your mind positive and engaging content. 





Quality skincare and hygiene products


Buying a set of good skincare and hygiene products that work for you is a form of self-care. If you feel good about yourself, the rest just comes with it-- confidence, high self-esteem, and you give off an overall positive aura to those who surround you.






Healthcare insurance


Life’s unpredictable, so having your health insured is a way to go. Keeping a portion of your salary for insurance money that you can use for uncalled times is beneficial for when you need to get checked or diagnosed for a condition. When time comes that you need you undergo a costly operation or purchase tons of expensive medications, it lessens your bills so it’s actually pretty helpful and convenient. Take that worry off of your chest and breathe more comfortably knowing that you have an account solely dedicated to emergencies and important matters.




Property Investments

Knowing that your future is secured somehow makes you feel confident and assured, and this is a good thing because it motivates you to do better in what you do. It inspires you to work harder for yourself and the people you love. When you have a savings account dedicated to future-use and you allot a separate portion for tangible investments like a real estate property, you can achieve a sense of fulfillment because you get something meaningful out of your hard-earned money. It all comes down to a sense that your hardwork is finally paying off and you are doing well in managing your finances. So, go after inner peace and secure your future by acquiring a property investment just like owning a unit at a condo for sale in Pasig-Cainta.



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