5 Things Young Adults Should Prioritize in their 20s

24 September 2020


You’re only in your 20s once so you have to make sure that you make the most out of this period in your life. To fulfill your goals in a specific time and avoid regrets in the future, there are the factors that you need to consider like planning, saving up, etc. 





Overall health


Take care of your mental health as you would of your physical health. Taking a quick break from work and stressful chores is crucial; use meditation as a diversion to regain your focus before you resume to where you left off. It’s also important to exercise regularly and eat a hearty meal. It may take a couple of minutes to prepare, but your body will thank you for feeding it nutritious food. Our body deteriorates as we grow older so while we’re still capable of doing endurance exercises, go and venture on various physical activities! You can even do yoga at home!




Bills and finances


Splurging on your hobbies and interests could be a thing especially while you’re still young. But it should go hand-in-hand with discipline and self-control. Before buying something, consider your priorities. For some, buying the latest gadgets and luxury brands could be fulfilling, but if you have other responsibilities and important things you should give more attention to, then it would be helpful to keep track of your finances every month. Spend your money on stuff that you really need. Avoid impulse-buying at all costs for most of the time, it just ruins your budget and ends up in regrets.




Close-knit relationships & solid support system


In a time where everything is digital, it’s easy to neglect personal relationships amid all distractions and temporary pleasures you can get from the internet. Cyberspace provides almost all sorts of “solution” to your daily problems-- feeling lonely? Watch a movie. Distressed? Download the latest games. Bored? Talk to strangers online. But this culture of being attached to intangible comfort that the internet gives should be controlled or limited. While you’re still young, it is helpful to build a strong network of people whom you trust and cherish. A piece of advice or a quick chat after a long day’s work does wonders; sometimes it’s even better than watching a two-hour-long movie in the theater. A solid support system is what you’ll need while you traverse the world and fully dive into adulthood. So while you’re at it, make time and talk to your family and friends!




Find something that stirs your curiosity, try a new hobby, enroll yourself in an online school, attend a webinar, or read self-help books. Make the most out of your free time and help yourself grow by looking for free and useful content online. Feed your mind with positive and engaging thoughts and pour out your energy into things that could help you develop your practical and critical thinking skills. Spend your time doing things for your personal growth and development. The skills that you’ve learned along the way could come in handy to your job, daily tasks, and life-events as you grow older.



Financial Security


This is one of the things that young professionals try to put off for later, as they believe in ‘YOLO’ and the enjoy-things-while-you’re-young mantra. While this might not be bad, it’s also crucial that you consider saving up and investing a portion of your hard-earned money into something more valuable. Using an investment as a motivation to work harder can be an effective drive-booster; a car, business, or a condo unit, for example. Another practical way to secure your finances aside from putting your money in the bank is getting an investment which appreciates in value through time.



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