5 Times Empire East Proved Its 27 Years of Excellence and Expertise in Homebuilding

26 September 2021


What are the things you consider when looking for property investment? Location? Price? Unit layout and size? These are the most common factors one ponders before making the purchase. For some, the developer’s reputation and years of experience are part of the non-negotiable list.


Purchasing a property is a high stake decision. It requires careful consideration and endless research. Meanwhile, due to the number of failed and unpleasant experiences of homeowners with their investment properties, once they seal the deal, the role of developer reputation is becoming more and more paramount.


How important is it to know the history and background of your property developer?

A property developer with years of experience in the industry has already built a credible portfolio to back up its marketing efforts. Empire East, the leading real estate developer and homebuilder in the country, is one of the few with an established name and reputation with its 27 years of expertise in the industry.


Looking into the history and background of your developer is like browsing through reviews of the product you’ve been eyeing for the longest time. A portfolio of completed developments-- just like reviews, is a substantial basis whether you should entrust your hard-earned money to that developer or find another one that’s more reliable and credible.


Here are some more reasons it’s paramount to consider your developer’s reputation before making the purchase:


  1. To ensure that you get your money’s worth

  2. To avoid getting scammed

  3. To ensure that the property is of quality and with zero defects

  4. To get adequate amenities and acquire legal sanctity of the property




1. It was the first to introduce breakthrough concepts in real estate like loft-type units and transit-oriented developments.


Since its inception in 1994, Empire East has been a top-performing rookie in the field of real estate. When the Asian Financial Crisis hit the country in 1994, it was one of the few that survived and adapted to the times by introducing concepts that would allow aspiring middle-income Filipinos to own a home at an affordable price.


A few years later, the developer pioneered the concept of incorporating lofts within its developments to offer more spacious units where Filipino families could maximize their space. Empire East did not stop there and soon launched its very first transit-oriented development which is now one of the most coveted types of developments in the country. Because of its offered accessibility to the metro’s major hubs and vital touchpoints, these types of projects have revolutionized the way people live in the city. Hence the birth of the live-work-play lifestyle.


2. It was the first to offer a ZERO DOWNPAYMENT SCHEME and flexible payment terms in the country.


In addition to the previous paragraph, Empire East boldly offered the No Down Payment scheme or flexible payment terms among its developments at the height of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. This gives way for more Filipinos to afford a quality home even at the onset of a crisis. 


Empire East President and CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne C. Yu spearheaded the company during its most challenging years and triumphantly sought victory against the unseen enemy.


3. It does not only build homes, it builds communities.

Building properties is one, but creating meaningful connections and building communities is another story-- this is what Empire East aims to achieve. In its 27 years, the company has not only built quality homes, but has touched the lives of its neighboring communities through its pocket Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives within and outside Metro Manila.


In fact, in celebration of its 25th year anniversary in 2019, Empire East has reached more than 30 communities including elderlies, children, and students. Through these initiatives, Empire East aims to foster meaningful relationships and create a medium for its employees towards community involvement. Indeed, it’s more than just homebuilding, but more importantly nurturing communities.


4. It brings together an urban resort and a five-star hotel to offer the ultimate relaxation, comfort, and convenience to its homeowners.


If there’s another thing Empire East is good at, it’s incorporating modern features to daily staples like what inspired its urban resort communities: The Rochester and Kasara Urban Resort Communities in Pasig, and the Mango Tree Residences, an upcoming modern sanctuary in San Juan City, to name a few.


Empire East brings comfort, relaxation, and convenience to its homeowners through its refreshing amenities like swimming pools, fitness gym, yoga stations, and al fresco lounge. Truly, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without leaving your house and spending as much.


5. It has an impressive portfolio of completed developments that are now home to hundreds of Filipino families.


Last but not least, Empire East allows for more aspiring Filipinos to achieve their dream home by offering affordable units that are of quality and infused with necessary amenities and facilities for ultimate convenience and enjoyment. 


For 27 years, Empire East has built more than 100 towers and created communities within each development which are now HOME to hundreds of Filipino families.


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