Back-to-school 2019: Help your children reach their maximum potential at school!

30 June 2019

Quality education and safety is a top priority for most parents. Whatever activity it may be, parents show unwavering support towards the positive growth of their children. 


Remove the hassle of every day commute off your worries at the Covent Garden. Its prime location allows you to focus on providing quality living for your family without any distractions. At the Covent Garden in Santa Mesa, Manila, families can send their children to outstanding nearby schools while ensuring their safety and accessibility. 


The development is only a stone’s throw away from schools around the area such as the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, St. Therese Academy, Philippine Chung Hua High School, and many others. In addition, Covent Garden is strategically located near trains, roads, and other commercial developments for your ease of access. 


Experience colorful days ahead at the Covent Garden. If you’re interested, you can  message our Facebook page @empireeast, call (02) 810 3333, or e-mail


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