20 May 2021
Choosing the Right Size and Unit Layout for You


In buying a residential property such as a condominium unit, there are numerous factors that you will surely put into consideration. Location will most likely be on top of your checklist, as you would want your home to be highly accessible to essential points such as your workplace, your kids’ schools, malls and supermarkets, healthcare facilities, among others. If you’re buying a condo for investment, you would want an address that is attractive to potential tenants, so that you could guarantee yourself to gain high investment returns.


Then, there are other aspects you carefully look into such as the recreational amenities and facilities you can enjoy, the safety and security of your neighborhood, how the community will complement to your desired lifestyle, your budget and the flexibility of offered payment terms-- the list goes on. But there is one key factor that is crucial in buying a home—and that is choosing the right size and layout of condo for you.


Here are some of the sought-after space layouts in high-rise condo living and the things to take into account whenever you are faced with the challenging task of deciding which kind of condo unit you will be acquiring:


Executive Studio

In a modern urban lifestyle, practicality is a major game. Not only is it the most affordable unit type because of its small size, but an executive studio defines the essence of making the most out of your living space. The intelligently designed open-floor plan of a studio lets you reach everything easily, while retaining the ambiance of a home and reducing the feel of being cramped.


At Empire East Highland City, for instance, executive studios range from 21.38 up to 22.86 square meters (approximately 230 to 246 square feet). Such living space perfectly suits single individuals and couples. Students and young professionals who want to live independently would opt for this kind of condo. This would also be easily leased out, whether it’s under a long-term rental contract or just a short-term staycation thru Airbnb and similar digital booking platforms.


Furnishing and designing a studio will definitely be not an arduous task as minimalism would be the perfect concept for such space. There are countless video sources and articles in social media where you can get ideas from on how to design the interior of a small condo, and there are numerous suppliers who offer customized multi-functional fixtures and pieces of furniture intended for studios.


One-Bedroom Suite

For some homebuyers, having the privacy of their sleeping area is essential, thus, a one-bedroom suite might be the right choice. This unit layout is not just suitable for singles or couples, but also for starting families.


In some condominium developments, floor areas of one-bedroom units begin at around 24 to 26 square meters. But in the newest rising township along Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta area, the 24-hectare Empire East Highland City, the first two pre-selling towers feature more spacious one-bedroom suites ranging from 28.50 to 31.52 square meters (approximately 307 to 339 square feet).


As you enter through the door, you will see your kitchen right away that opens to your dining and living areas which already provide you a homey feel because of the wide glass windows. Adjacent to the kitchen is your toilet and bath with enough space where you can place your washing machine and dryer. Your bedroom has its own glass windows giving you a perfect view of the Metro Manila skyline or the mountains in the East.


Two-Bedroom Suite

If you’re searching for a condo home intended for a growing family with four or more members, a two-bedroom suite will be a comfortable residence for you. The generosity of its space allows you to freely move around just like in a traditional home. After all, bigger is really better.


You can maximize your space in a two-bedroom suite. If you only need one room to be your sleeping den, you can convert the second bedroom into countless ways. It can be an entertainment or leisure room, a work-from-home nook, a study area or library, a mini-fitness gym or yoga station, or simply a guest room. It could be your music studio or vlog turf, or a creativity room where you can unleash your passion and talent.


An advantage of two-bedroom suites at Empire East Highland City is that they are strategically placed at the corners of each level. Being a corner unit means having two sides where you have your wide windows. The well-thought out two-bedroom suites in this luxurious uphill community in the East have floor areas between 40.81 up to 46.50 square meters (more or less 439 to 500 square meters). They may have the highest price tag among the other unit types, but the No Down Payment and Zero Interest schemes make them more affordable for aspiring homebuyers.



Be Part of an Exciting Township

Empire East Highland City does not only offer an ideal unit mix that caters to different preferences of homebuyers. It also provides an exciting and incomparable lifestyle because of its sustainable township concept. The high-rise residential towers will be integrated with a posh shopping mall, a sprawling elevated green park, and a five-star sports club, providing its future residents the best of luxurious condo living in the East. Its close proximity to the upcoming LRT-2 Marikina Station along Marcos Highway and the future MRT-4 Cainta Junction Station along Ortigas Avenue Extension will give its dwellers an ultimate connectivity to the rest of Metro Manila.


Know more about your home options at Empire East Highland City and grab the best deals with huge discounts plus flexible payment terms. Enjoy a safe and convenient way to acquire a condominium property through Empire East’s virtual condo tour and fully digitized reservation process. Call (02) 8810-3333 or 0917-8-EMPIRE (367473) and follow @empireeasthighlandcity on social media to know more.



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