COVID-19 Survivor Celebrates Second Chance, Buys Herself a Home

19 May 2020

Having a doctor confirm a positive COVID-19 diagnosis during the country's heightened time of uncertainty would naturally cause someone to worry or panic. 


However, for frontliner Grace A. (not her real name), falling ill to a deadly virus made her rethink her life decisions and invest in a home to secure her future instead.



It was a month ago when Grace A. was told she had COVID-19. Working as a nurse at a hospital in Mandaluyong City made her twice as prone to catching the disease. While in solitude, battling the virus in her body, a lot came to mind. "Will I survive this?" and "What will happen to me if I survived this?" are only some of her questions.


As she was struggling and passing the time in home medication, she saw a real estate advertisement on a Facebook group that one of Empire East's sales agents posted. As if by fate, she decided to message the salesperson right away to inquire about the product he was advertising. 





In an online interview with Empire East sales agent Bernie C., he told us how, while he was discussing the project to the client in detail, he found out that the person he was chatting with admitted to being a COVID-19 survivor. At the time of communication, the client claims to be feeling better.


Although the agent knew about the rising cases of infected people in the country, he did not know a COVID-19 positive patient personally until that time.


"Because I thought she was truly sick, I did not expect her to acquire a condo anymore. However, to my surprise, my client was fully prepared to wire-transfer her down payment (which she did) for the property I was selling," recalls Bernie.




The client shared that her reason for this seemingly abrupt decision to reserve a home was because she believed in her future and wanted to truly secure a home for herself.


Agent Bernie shares, "I think my client saw this opportunity as a way of gifting herself for a job well done and a kind of response to redirection in her life." 


Client Ms. Grace A. confirms, "I wanted to find a kind of investment where I can spend the bulk of my hard-earned money on. I realized too that it could be a source of financial security for myself in the future." 


Today, the client Ms. Grace A. is already COVID-19-free - after her two-week medication. She shares with us how happy she feels to have made the right decision to own a home in Empire East's Covent Garden in Santa Mesa, Manila - especially during one of her trying times.


Sometimes setbacks come into our lives not to punish us but to help us recalibrate our goals and focus on what really matters. It could be our health, our families, and our future. 


What have you been meaning to do but have been putting off? Is it career advancement, an investment, or a personal goal?


Make TODAY your only chance of making the right decision for yourself.


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