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12 December 2018
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A lot has been said about millennials. One true thing is that millennials are overly visual—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This generation thrives on innovation and creativity, which are just a couple of things that keep our lives evolving for the better.

Indeed, millennial sensibilities are changing the way the world looks. But as you walk into that Instagram-worthy coffee shop down the block, or scroll through endless, pretty Airbnb listings, you should realize that the millennial aesthetic doesn’t just belong in commercial spaces. Using its best ideas, you too can bring the picture-perfect, Pinterest-ready aesthetic home to your own space.

Here are a few decorating ideas that would make your condo not just #goals, but also a more comfortable place to come home to:

Natural light is key

With condominiums, you may not always be lucky enough to have sunlight streaming through your windows. But there are ways to cheat the look. Firstly, make sure the area around your windows are clear, to give the illusion that they’re bigger. You can also use light-colored window treatments to open up the area further. One more trick is to make use of big mirrors—you can just let these stand against the wall. These can be placed strategically across areas that typically get hit by the beams of sunlight during the day.



Don’t be a drag

Dark colors may look good on you, but the same doesn’t always go for your place. When decorating your home, use lighter colors which give the place a more spacious feel, especially if you’re working with a smaller-sized unit. Pastel colors may not be your thing, but the least you could do is make sure you have some light-colored pieces to balance out darker and cooler tones.





All about clean, green, tailored pieces

Minimalism is just part of the millennial charm, but the general design trend millennials seem to love is mixing it with rustic, artisanal pieces. Opt for sleeker pieces of furniture that are lightweight and geometric. Contrast these with unique finds that will make your space feel like it were specially curated for you. Pair an Eames chair with a table made of natural or reclaimed wood. Adorn your place with handmade decorations, or better yet, make them yourself!



Uptop upcycling

Millennials are very concerned with sustainability—get in the habit of upcycling pieces for your place. Decorating your home would be an excellent opportunity to showcase re-purposed works, and here’s where you can get creative. You can buy already repurposed pieces, but it would also be entirely more special if you worked on something yourself. It can be as simple as turning an old wooden ladder into a rack or making your own solar lamps. These specially made pieces will give your place a touch of personality with style and class. You’ll also be doing the environment a favor, even if it’s just one piece at a time.



A touch of nature

What is a millennial photo hotspot without a plant? But kidding aside, plants do more than just give your place a greener touch. Indoor plants have real benefits, such as purifying the air around you and helping you breathe easier. It also relaxes you mentally, providing a refreshing break from the concrete environment around you. Houseplants will do your space wonders—just ensure you’re ready to take care of them, too.





Maximize your space

Use space-saving storage pieces that still look chic. Especially for condo units, you’ll want to maximize all the space you can. Double-duty pieces, such as containers that can also be used as coffee tables or seats, can be especially helpful in this area. Be sure to invest in handy space organizers, like toiletry holders, dividers, etc.



DIY it



Lastly, because millennials are so good at taking things into their own hands, you can also let your creative mind run wild and DIY your decorations. Make your own light fixtures, create a set of planters, hang your own art on your wall.

Truly, the possibilities are endless if you concentrate all that fresh, creative energy. But remember, to keep your home young, bright, sleek, and classically millennial, balance is key.

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