Developer set to deliver ‘Elite experiences’

15 June 2018
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There’s no doubting its resiliency and leadership in the market it now serves.

It is a fact that Empire East Land Holdings Inc., which has long been a preferred brand of many smart homebuyers, has managed to weather many storms since its inception, and has been continuously evolving to further elevate the living experience of homeowners.

Offering utmost value, Empire East has gone beyond just delivering structures, as it also focuses on delivering a unique and unparalleled kind of lifestyle to individuals.


“The evolution of the Empire East brand has allowed the company to effectively target the needs of an ever-changing market. Throughout our history, we have introduced exciting innovations in the property industry—all uniquely centered on our customers and the lifestyles they lead,” said Empire East President Anthony Charlemagne Yu.


“From transit-oriented developments to resort-style communities, our projects are settings that empower people and enrich experiences. The products in our portfolio continue to resonate with Filipino homebuyers and investors, as seen in our performance in 2017,” he added.

It is through such diverse offering and innovative developments that Empire East has managed to make a mark and seal its position in the market as a top-of-mind choice.

By providing high quality developments, the company has allowed many Filipino homebuyers to enjoy the privilege of multifaceted and uplifting experiences, whether in the comfort of their homes or in the shared spaces where they converge and interact with the members of their chosen Empire East community.

And having proven to the market its capability to create value-for-money projects and deliver an enviable lifestyle, Empire East is again set to make waves as it promises to deliver “Elite Experiences” to homebuyers.

The Elite brand is all about elevating experiences so that people can enjoy utmost value from their investment. Moreover, it is designed to upgrade the signature lifestyle that Empire East has been known for while aiming for an even higher standard of quality.

“While our leadership in the middle-income segment remains strong, we have always been receptive to new growth opportunities, allowing us to further expand our reach and capture a new breed of customers. It is interesting to note that over the past few years, Empire East’s core market enjoyed increase affluence and purchasing power,” Yu said.

“Elite experiences come with the company’s definition of affordable luxury. Empire East recognized the need to bring this message to the forefront, which is why the Elite brand emphasizes even more those projects that showcase increased mobility and accessibility to conveniences, less dense layouts, bigger unit cuts or upgraded amenities. These features translate to better experiences, a higher standard of living and the kind of sustainability that is very important to the modern market today,” Yu further explained.

Empire East recently introduced The Paddington Place in Mandaluyong City under the Elite brand. A total of 2,581 units make up the project, and the presence of penthouse units address the more upscale lifestyle requirements of a certain clientele.

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