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27 January 2020
Dreaming to Elevate Your Lifestyle This 2020? Here are 10 Innovative Tips to Get an Upgrade This Year!

1. Start from the inside

This applies to some vital aspects of life whether you'd like to take it literally or not, but keeping your home's interior as cozy and homey as possible might be the first step for a lifestyle upgrade.

Declutter and throw things away if you must, buy new items that suit your style, color-coordinate sheets, furniture, utensils, and design them according to your liking. This will help you feel at ease and calm inside your own sanctuary.


2. Switch to greens!

Whether in eating or in the environment, let this year be one that is healthy and sustainable.

Watch out for your health by eating healthy food choices. Cleanse your body by making your juice and eat more fruits and vegetables. Use sustainable materials, and live in a home that has sustainable features which are not only good for the environment but you and your family's well-being as well.


3. Wake up earlier

...than usual. Get your favorite cup of coffee, go for a walk, run a mile, or you can also try cycling if you're up for a more challenging one. Getting a home that has bike lanes and wide-open spaces that would allow you to be as active as possible is a plus.

If you set your alarm earlier than your usual "wake up" time, you will have more hours allotted for self-meditation, and you won't rush yourself to doing the things that you have to.

Waking up early in the morning can also help you set and boost your mood and lighten your feeling throughout the day.


4. Go outside!

Go for adventures and try something new. Find new hobbies, go out on adventures, travel, and explore different places. 

Living on the Eastern side of Metro Manila allows you to be just a few miles away from tourist destinations in Antipolo, hiking spots in Tanay, and even extreme outdoor activities in the Pasig-Cainta area. You can also opt for a more laid back vibe by going to the malls near your home-- a lunch out with your loved ones on a sunny day is a brilliant way to unwind and catch up.

Break your routinary activities and look for things to keep yourself occupied and relaxed.


5. Cook meals at home

Save more money by cooking your food while exploring new recipes. This way, you can also assure that you eat only fresh and healthy meals compared to when you eat outside. Cooking can be a form of some "alone" time and can sometimes be therapeutic for busy people.  


6. Create a vision board

Get your goals straight and make a list of what you want to achieve in life. It may be a dog that you've always wanted to have, to treat your family on an out-of-town trip, lose 10 pounds in three months, be promoted after a year, or to buy your own house.

You can do so much from there; writing down your aspirations and where you want to be a few years from now can be a starting point to alter your lifestyle and change for the better. Moreover, you will also learn what you want to do in life and to discover all of your options in some aspects.


7. Pat yourself on the back

It's nice to reward yourself every once in a while. You deserve a day's break from all the stress from work, and to cure the sore muscle from a tedious physical job. Pamper yourself. Rest if you must. Treat yourself to a massage at the nearest malls and spa to de-stress and unwind or buy that watch you've been saving up for how many months now.

Whatever it is that you wish to do and get for yourself, like to purchase your own house, do it to reward your hard work, one step at a time.


8. Indulge in world-class luxuries

Find yourself a comfortable home that could offer you peace and calm amidst the bustling city. One that has world-class amenities and features that would make you feel like you're staying in a five-star hotel or a high-end cabin.


Along Felix Avenue in the Pasig-Cainta area, the very first elevated city in the country will soon rise as a luxurious uphill community. Aside from its 6-meter elevation from the ground, it also has an 8,000-meter open space for green parks, which goes with the bike lanes, and areas for other activities.


This elevated city also houses world-class amenities in the membership-only Chartered Club, where homeowners can enjoy the fitness and wellness amenities like the gym, tennis court, and the basketball court.


9. Save and Invest

For your life to be secured in the future, you need to find something that can be beneficial for you and your finances in the long run. Save money and invest in things that double its value after some time.

Real estate properties have one of the highest value returns when it comes to investments. Getting one that is in a very strategic location, can be a strong point of this kind of investment, especially if you want to make it more than just home.


Soon to rise in the East is the Empire East Highland City, which is located near various types of transit options, like the LRT-2 Emerald Station, which is already on the works. Just recently, the MRT-4 has been approved, which will have a Cainta Junction Station that is only 1.7 km away from Empire East Highland City. It is set for completion in 2025, just in time for the turnover of Empire East Highland City's first four-tower phase, the Arcadia.


The property's location makes it very profitable and gains an advantage in the market as one of the best investments in the coming years.


10. Go all-out!

Start your year right by doing what you want and not holding back. If there's something, you want to do and give to yourself this year, save up and use it as a motivation to level up your game and be better in what you do.


Go for only the best-- especially when choosing your home.


Empire East, a leading real estate developer since 1994, has been one of the key players in the industry even after it almost succumbed to the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.


Through the years, various innovations have been introduced by Empire East, which meets the needs of the Filipino market as time goes by.

It has introduced breakthrough concepts that made life easier for people who are adapting to the changing times.


From then until now, its continuous pursuit for innovative ideas paves the way for more opportunities and ways that can help improve and elevate the lives of the market it serves.


Empire East's newest development to-date, the Empire East Highland City, ensures only a quality-standard city living by giving the homeowners a sophisticated and intricate experience while they enjoy the world-class amenities and features.


Empire East Highland City also introduces a 58,0000-square meter lifestyle mall that allows homeowners to be just a few blocks away from leisure and fun.

This elevated city is also strategically placed in the borders of the green cities of Pasig and Cainta, Rizal, while still being accessible to the vital points in the metro thru various transit options.


Being a part of this luxurious uphill community does not only make living more convenient, but it also elevates one's lifestyle in so many ways.


Achieve that lifestyle upgrade and get yourself a home at the first elevated city in the country. Be one of the firsts to reserve a unit and see for yourself how Empire East Highland City gives you innovative ways to elevate your lifestyle this 2020!


For more information, call 8810-3333 or send an email to inquiry@empire-east.com.


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