Elevate your space with these condo makeover ideas!

24 May 2021


Our homes are a reflection of our psyche. They can contribute to our overall wellness with the energy it brings, which is why decorating and personalizing our space is a must to achieve our desired ambiance.


But decorating could be especially tricky for small spaces, mainly when you’re dealing with limited space and a lack of storage for your belongings. The key is to customize the furniture and meticulously choose the pieces that don’t take up too much space yet visually pleasing and functional. 


Here are a few ideas on elevating different parts of your condo to give it more personality and make it more functional!


Living Room

An easy way to revamp your living room is by decorating the walls with frames; better choose a color palette or vibe that suits your style to make it more cohesive. You can also add some indoor plants to keep the space fresh! Don’t be too intimidated if you’re not a Plantita; you can always opt for synthetic ones if you don’t have the green thumb.


To make the most out of your living space, choose a couch that fits the dedicated area and allows room for more people to gather when friends or family members come over. Choose a style or color that matches your condo’s interior, and make sure it doesn’t stand out too much from the rest of the pieces. Throw pillows are where you can play around with colors. They serve as an accent to the couch and add a bit of personality to your living area.



We always want to keep this space neat and tidy but let’s level it up by changing the soap dispenser, soap dish and hang an aesthetically pleasing mirror to add a little bit of spice. You can also add decorative stickers to frame your mirror to give it more personality!


To make your bathroom more functional, choose aesthetically pleasing pieces that also offer a  bit of storage where you can keep your toiletries and essentials. You can find plenty of options on online shops that are not too expensive yet worth the penny because of their functionality and overall design.




As the safe haven of any home, this should reflect your style while bringing you the utmost comfort your body needs after a tiring day. A little bit of cleaning up while rearranging things is the first step to the ultimate bedroom makeover. You can level it up further by replacing your old dressers and adding frames or posters on your wall. 


There are tons of bedroom ideas on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook which you can get inspiration from. LED lights are also very trendy nowadays because it gives the space more personality and angst without adding too much on your electricity bill.


You can also add more customized furniture pieces to make it more functional. Choose ones that are multipurpose yet sleek and compact. One perfect example is under-bed storage racks which you can use to store your shoes, unused clothes, or anything that could take up space in your bedroom.




The place where the family spends most of their time aside from the living room, the kitchen is a very sacred place for most Filipino families as sharing food and eating together has always been a norm for most Filipino households. 


Step up your interior game by color-coordinating your kitchen utensils and cutleries! You can also opt for a modern nordic style if you want a minimalistic yet aesthetic vibe to your kitchen. Another thing to consider is changing your tile backsplash to update your cooking and food preparation area. To make it more appealing, choose the ones that harmonize with the overall style of your home and match the vibe of your kitchen.



For those who own a small balcony, there are plenty of hacks you can do to transform a tiny space into a more functional and visually pleasing area. First on the list is to add more life by hanging potted plants. This can add a little bit of character to your space and make it fresher and more vibrant. If your area allows, you can also put a hammock where you can read a book, take an afternoon nap, or just meditate after a long day’s work.


The key to transforming a small space into something functional is choosing pieces that aren’t too big yet adding character and serving their purpose. One perfect example is customized double-duty furniture and affordable decking. For those who don’t like a hammock, you may also opt for a mini urban oasis by installing a ledge on top of the existing balcony walls. Next is to add throw pillows and choose a chair that fits perfectly in your tiny space.


The key to achieving your ideal space is choosing the right unit size and layout that suits your preferences and needs. With Empire East’s selection of spacious suites, you can select one that perfectly fits your lifestyle!


At Empire East Highland City, a condo for sale in Pasig-Cainta, executive studios perfectly suit single individuals and couples. Another option is a one-bedroom suite for couples or a small family. There is also a more extensive option for bigger families like the deluxe two-bedroom suite. 


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