Empire East: A Community in Action at a Time of COVID-19

21 April 2020
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As the world faces these trying times, the definition of a community has become more than just “a group of people living in the same place”, but rather a unified group of people that has one solid goal. The rapid spread of the virus reminds Empire East and its communities of how closely connected we are to each other, and how our actions are catalysts of change during these drastic times. 


Empire East and its communities are one with the Filipino nation in hopes of overcoming this pandemic. 


By strictly adhering to the government’s directives and promoting safety precautions through various platforms like the digital media, the company and its stakeholders become a united unit that aims to curb the spread of the virus through collective efforts and actions. 


In times of crisis, communities need to be binded by one ultimate goal. Now more than ever, the country needs prayers, but more than the faith, a community in action is needed to amp the support for our neighbors and most especially, our frontliners, and help overcome this crisis with all our hands tied. 


Bayanihan in Empire East Communities. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. They may choose to be confined in their own homes with their families, but the employees and staff of Empire East communities opt to respond to the situation’s urgency instead. 

To paint an example, the security guards, and maintenance staff of San Lorenzo Place continue to work day in and out to care for the property and its homeowners despite their limitations. In Pioneer Woodlands, a kindhearted homeowner joyfully shared her blessings and raised funds together with other residents a total of Php 20,000 which was used to buy one to two months’ worth of food and necessities for their staff. 

Together with the local and national government, the employees who maintain security and order in every community, who are considered as our frontliners, are risking their lives to protect the welfare of their stakeholders. They are united with one goal which drives them to do a solid ACTION.


A-ffirm the practice of safety measures

C-reate and spread positivity online

T-rust and follow the authorities

I-nfluence people to do their part

O-pen our communication lines

N-urture our neighbors


Affirm the practice of safety measures. In return, the homeowners do their part by practicing necessary precautions and following the safety guidelines. Taking the ‘mobile palengke’ launched in several communities as an example, the communities of Little Baguio Terraces, California Garden Square, and Pioneer Woodlands make sure that they maintain the social distance while lining up for the freshly delivered fruits and vegetables. The guards, admin staff, and all homeowners also wear their protective masks. 


Create and spread positivity online. To ensure the proper dissemination of information online, the teams behind every social media post, promos, and updates are done by Empire East employees who work from their homes. Part of the steps they take is using the digital media for positive reinforcements, and giving motivational and helpful tips for their clients. This way, aside from providing credible information, they are able to extend their platform to proliferate positivity amongst the people who are stuck at home. 


Influence people to do their part. Empire East also believes in the impact of collective efforts, thus the inspiration behind the #SpreadLoveStayAtHome hashtag. Words spread faster online. Using easily-accessible resources can urge and influence other people to do their part by simply staying at home. 


Open the communication lines. What makes up unparalleled communities is the collective efforts of the stakeholders; from the homeowners, property admin and staff, employees, and the officers. This is why Empire East’s communication lines remain open for most days of the week. The concerns of clients and homeowners are directed to active hotlines and emails being attended also by the employees who are in a work-from-home set-up. 


Nurture our neighbors. At every Empire East community, every resident plays a vital role in strengthening the bond among all the homeowners. Each household abides to the strict rules imposed by the property admin which aims to secure every family’s safety. By following instructions, both from the local and national government, Empire East homeowners continuously contribute to the overall welfare not only of their own household but also those of their neighbors; it’s the domino effect of creating good deeds that generates a great impact on humanity. 


This health crisis solidifies the faith of people; Empire East communities remain armoured with prayers while taking necessary actions. Now more than ever, we are driven to overcome this, like what the company did a few years ago to break through the raging storms, strengthened by UNITY and bold ACTIONS. 


Through a #commUNITYinAction, together, we can rise above this crisis. 


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