Empire East delivers best care

09 September 2018

Exceptional service as the backbone of its existence and success.


Not only has trusted home developer Empire East Land Holdings given hardworking individuals top quality home choices, it has also been relentless in providing the best care and attention to the wellbeing and concerns of its homeowners and investors over the past two decades.


Empire East fervently believes that its brand of service is what enables the company to achieve its vision of providing premium quality living. And this is why it has long made it its mission to continuously find ways to make the lives of its clients even more convenient and their investments truly worth it.


“We take pride in how our communities have taken shape over the years—they embody the kind of integrated, multi-faceted lifestyle we envisioned for its residents today,” said Empire East President Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu.


“Through the years, the company’s efforts have made a significant impact on the locations where we are present, infusing a new brand of energy and a unique sense of character into the landscape. The same energy and character have molded the properties of Empire East and it is what allowed us to offer and go beyond the so-called essentials,” Yu related.


Empire East knows all too well that this kind of impact it has had on its communities doesn’t merely stem from just providing quality home developments. To truly make a difference, it recognizes the need to put efficient customer service at the core of its operations. Hence, even today, Empire East continues to level up its game and redefine customer service in real estate development.


And as the company celebrates its 24 years in the business of building quality homes, it is also now in the process of creating new programs that could further enhance and improve the brand’s ways of dealing with its customers.


While Empire East is already known and highly regarded for instituting programs and practices that have made the lives of its homeowners and investors an envy for many, its officials are well aware that they cannot afford to rest on their laurels.


Such is the reason that even after decades of being an industry trailblazer, it continues to craft and roll out new strategies that would allow it to remain on top of the game while delivering its commitment of a life well lived to its loyal clients.


“We think that through the years, we have managed to exceed our original targets. But we continue to innovate. We try to see what else we can do in order to make things better for our homebuyers. We can never rest on our laurels. Innovation is very important for us as the market keeps growing and (becomes) more sophisticated,” Yu explained.


“We have to keep reinventing the wheel in order for us to respond to the needs and aspirations of the people. We would like to think that we sell communities, that we sell homes for people who have great aspirations and we are very hopeful that we are able to meet that aspirations up ahead,” Yu further said.


With such a commitment from the people behind Empire East, investors and homebuyers can only look forward to even better days ahead.


And as the company journeys on to create and mark even bigger milestones, Empire East only hopes to further strengthen its relationship with its clients and ensure that each of their concerns are promptly met and attended to—from the time an inquiry was made and up to the time the unit has been turned over and the buyers start to enjoy the life they’ve always imagined.


“Empire East’s goal was to reach a wider market base and to provide a comfortable home for every hardworking Filipino. We want to make luxury living affordable…but we know that it will always be a continuing effort and we’re happy and lucky that we have good people in the company that would allow us to pursue what we want to do,” Yu concluded.


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