Empire East Residents Offer Selfless Service to Neighbors in Times of Crisis

23 April 2020
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People say that there is nothing nobler than being selfless. Empire East communities once again showed the art of giving and unity through their selfless assistance in times of crisis. Dwellers from different residential developments across Metro Manila offered what they can, no matter the cost, just to help one another feel a little better during this Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). 


Here are a few of the short and inspiring stories of Empire East residents' selfless acts of kindness:



Sharing Relief


What if suddenly you find out that a neighbor was forced without a job and food to eat during the ECQ? This was the case at Cambridge Village in Pasig-Cainta, when an Empire East resident, Jayvee V., took to Facebook his plight as his family struggles with lack of income source during this difficult time. 


By God’s divine timing, in just a matter of minutes, his neighbors responded with the intent to help out. "What is your unit? I will deliver some of my canned goods to your doorstep," says Frederick B., one of the first responders.


This remark was followed by an offer of Danielle U., another homeowner who volunteered to give rice to the family. Another user, Wesley G., encouraged the uploader to visit him in his nearby unit to pick up stocked up food like coffee, cookies, noodles, and canned goods.


A fellow reader of the thread, Bern G., couldn't help but express her delight in what she was reading. She commented that she feels so happy to see so many of the homeowners within her community willing to help.


Frontliner Support


In California Garden Square in Mandaluyong City, homeowner Julie M. would often accept "pasa-buy" orders from her neighbors when they needed someone to run to buy food. But this time, some of her neighbors requested for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for the frontliners of the nearby National Center for Mental Health (NMCH). She then had the idea to raise funds and ask her neighbors if they are willing to chip in a little more so she could also buy more PPEs, to which, her neighbors agreed. Together, they were able to raise enough funds for more than ten sets of PPEs. It may not be a lot, but it’s a start. Julie says it feels great to be able to earn friends through a noble cause like helping frontliners in times of crisis.


Continuous Food Donations


Within every community, homeowners continuously volunteer to offer food to condo frontliners on-duty during the quarantine. Either they cook from their own kitchen or order from business owners who live in their communities. Empire East's condo frontliners include security guards, a few maintenance staff, and sanitation engineers.


Sharing personal accounts and resources


And for those who were forced to stay at home, entertainment has been limited. Some neighbors didn't mind offering free access to their personal NETFLIX accounts for bored people in the households. Some others offered free use of their money-sending apps like GCASH for people who do not have accounts but needed to send funds to their relatives. These may be small actions, but it paints a great picture of how a person can help even without shelling out huge amounts of money.


These small acts of kindness within Empire East communities restore our faith in humanity. Undeniably, there's a silver lining to this crisis, and that is seen in how people work together towards one solid goal which is to help to their extent. Indeed, a community united in action makes a huge difference and offers a lot of hope during difficult times.


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