Empire East Takes a Leap into 2020!

29 February 2020

2020 indeed marks the beginning of a new decade filled with fresh starts and golden opportunities! To set us off, February even gave us an extra day to chase after our goals brought by the Leap Year!


For Empire East Land Holdings Inc, the company celebrated its seventh leap year, since its establishment in 1994. While seemingly passing as another ordinary day, the company cherished the day with its employees in supporting them to take leaps in achieving their goals. 


Empire East held a goal-setting photo booth for them, to help them track their aspirations for the following years.













To follow the sentence, "In 4 years I will…," employees had the freedom to play around with various call-out banners that say "Get Married," "Have my own business," "Have my own home" and many others to represent goals they will work on before the next leap year on 2024. 


Numerous employees took the chance to relax and to capture their best selfies and groufies with their fellow officemates. 


"Over the next few years, I look forward to traveling to places I have never been before," said Sean Dominguez, a graphic artist. "I'd like to achieve my goals by working hard! Work hard to get what you like. Otherwise, you'll be forced to just like whatever you get," he explained.  


The photo op for employees ran from the morning of February 28 until 2 pm, giving employees of different work schedules enough chances to participate and take photos! 


In addition to the celebration, Empire East also launched an online photo caption contest for its employees who will be uploading photos from the said event! 


Just by posting their photos from the event, accompanying it with a colorful caption, and sealing it with a hashtag #EmpireEastLeapofFate, those who joined the game will have the chance to win cool prizes. 


For years, the company has gained loyal and hardworking employees, which has helped the organization flourish to its current stand among local and international real estate companies. 


Empire East express its thanks through programs that engage and encourage them to take leaps toward better lives. 


This event is the first of many events that Empire East has in store in 2020. Soon, the company aims to launch more activities that will support and enrich its members in becoming more fulfilled people and to promote a happy and healthy work environment.




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