GIG-FOR-A-CAUSE: Empire East Employees Raise Funds for Colleagues Affected by COVID-19, an Awareness Campaign

28 October 2020

GIG-FOR-A-CAUSE: Empire East Employees Raise Funds for Colleagues Affected by COVID-19, an Awareness Campaign

PHILIPPINES - The department heads and employees of property developer Empire East gather for a one-night-only online Zoom event titled 'Gig for a Cause: Empire East Awareness, Aid, and Vigilance Campaign.'



A recent COVID-19 diagnosis that led to a huge hospital bill balance by one of the company's drivers sparked this campaign to be extra vigilant on employees' overall health, especially during this pandemic. This campaign aims to provide employees with first-hand information on how the virus spreads, what it is like to be diagnosed and admitted at the hospital for COVID-19, and avoid damaging one's funds due to the hospital obligations.


Another reason behind this virtual gig is to raise funds for an employee who needs financial assistance as an aftermath of being confined for about one month.


To achieve this goal, different employees from each department showcased their talents like singing, dancing, open poetry reading, among others, through a video recording. The talent videos are what comprised the one and a half-hour online concert.


Although it was one of the first fun events held by the company online since the quarantine in March, a high spirit of engagement, connectedness, and camaraderie was witnessed through a lively comment thread that not only supported the performers but also spread love to each employee as everyone tries to get through this pandemic.


"It was a fun way to help keep the mental health of our employees intact. Most have been stuck at home, afraid to catch the virus, and admittedly, some employees have expressed anxiety and boredom, which we also aim to address," says Empire East recruitment head Cosca Tuason.


At the end of every performance, employees from each department are encouraged to send their donations through their team heads.


Aside from a talent show, Empire East highlights the awareness campaign with a testimonial video from one of its employees, a COVID-19 survivor. Alongside the two-part testimonials, preventive tips, informative videos, and reminders were played during the event to upheave awareness against the COVID-19 virus.


Empire East is known for its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives under the Empire East Cares campaign, which helped communities in and beyond Metro Manila. This time, the company brought its attention to today's most important issue among its stakeholders. This campaign, derived from a meaningful cause, has successfully fulfilled its purpose to raise awareness and help a colleague who needs assistance.


"Out of everyone's own pockets, employees gave what little they have for a bigger purpose. This event shows the kind of employees that Empire East has. A community of different people but with one heart that looks out for one another," says Empire East and CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu.


Indeed, a #commUNITYinACTION moves twice as fast as a weapon to keep our spirits up amid the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. And through #ContactlessConnections, the company was able to pull off this meaningful campaign successfully.


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