Here's why consulting with a real estate agent is crucial to your home buying process

23 September 2021


There are tons of readily available information out there. In just a click, you’ll find endless search results on Google. Most of us trust the world wide web so much, which is both good and bad as some information on the internet could be easily tampered with. 


When it comes to big purchases such as a home, it’s especially important to not rely solely on online listings, print ads, and Google search results. This is where the roles of our trusted real estate agents come into play. 


To avoid being scammed or commit mistakes along the process, here are reasons you should consult with a real estate professional before you make the purchase:


To avoid scams and being a victim of false information

Real estate professionals are trained and equipped with the correct information relating to their field of expertise. While some property listings on the internet are helpful, you cannot guarantee that everything you see is true. 


A real estate agent can easily provide you with more details or answer your questions about the property you’re interested in. They can also shield you from potential scams, which are unfortunately rampant today. Moreover, you can also request a site visit from your agent if you want to see the property in person to conduct some inspections.


They can help you discover your home options

Another reason you should talk to your agent before you make a decision is to broaden your options. Provided information on the internet could be limited, so it’s best to ask your agent for alternatives or better options, considering your preferred location, price range, unit size, and amenities. Your real estate agents could provide you with a list of homes that match your lifestyle needs.


To help handle all administrative and legal transactions

A real estate agent can help you negotiate or handle paperwork that you’re unfamiliar with. It would be helpful if you have someone who can advise you on these things as they’re vital in acquiring a property. Relieve yourself from the burden and call your trusted agent to file and process your papers, such as your purchase agreement, contracts, and disclosures.


A guarantee that you get the best deals

Another perk you can look forward to once you get in touch with your agent is that you’ll surely get the most out of your money. With their portfolio and connections, they can help you get the best deals out there to match your budget and lifestyle needs. Make sure to contact an agent that is affiliated with the developer of the property you’re interested in as they can offer you promos and discounts, if there’s any.


How to contact a real estate agent

While reaching out to a stranger could be scary and intimidating at first, having a real estate professional who knows the ins and outs of property acquisition is one of the best decisions you’ll make before you purchase your dream home.


The first step to finding your agent is by sending an inquiry to the developer’s Facebook page or by sending them an email. For instance, at Empire East, you can easily send a message through Facebook and one of their accredited agents will get in touch with you after a few minutes.


Find the ideal home with Empire East’s accredited sales agents

Feel free to reach out to Empire East’s social media pages and inquire about your property of choice. Good news! There’s an ongoing HOME OPPORTUNITY ALERT promo where you can score up to 15% discounts on select Empire East properties until September 30, 2021!


You may also book an appointment for an exclusive home tour of Empire East Highland City tour by typing HOME TOUR in your message or inquiry.


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