Home Archives: What an Ideal Home Means at a Time of Crisis

22 October 2020


Home Archives: What an Ideal Home Means at a Time of Crisis

Now that we are facing a health crisis, has your definition of an ideal home changed?


It's common for Filipinos to consider coziness as an ideal home feature. However, when faced with a health crisis, the definition of an ideal home is not only comfortable but more so, safe and conducive to health.  


Metro Manila is already placed in General Community Quarantine, allowing some people to go out of their homes, still subject to community restrictions. On the other hand, more Filipinos are still advised to stay at home, with most of the working population under a work-from-home set-up.


Now that most people are stuck at home with very limited mobility, half the population is left dreaming about improving their homes to make it more enjoyable for a longer stay.   


We drafted a guide on what should an ideal home offer aspiring Pinoy homeowners during a health crisis:


Secure community


Nobody wants to get infected by any virus. This is why ensuring that the community you'll be living in prioritizes cleanliness and its dwellers' safety is a must. Every property should be well-equipped with safety kits, must have a proactive community that also conducts temperature checks on guests and homeowners, must empathetically put up signages and guidelines across the property, ensure CCTV cameras, are working in common areas and are guarded by the security and maintenance staff daily.



Made of good-quality materials and is well-ventilated

A well-constructed home is also a must. In times of calamity or a crisis, living under a safe roof makes an investment worthwhile. To ensure this, you can conduct a thorough background check on the developer and the contractors they hire. 


An ideal home must also be well designed to have enough open areas for proper air ventilation. It helps .in keeping moisture from lingering inside the home, and it keeps the floors, ceilings, walls, and the furniture dry. 


Large space for the whole family


Now is the best time to opt for a home with widely-cut units, especially for those who are living with their family. While it is advised to practice social distancing, having enough space in your house can be a preventive measure to avoid being infected with just a simple cold, which spreads easily in compact areas.






Accessible location

For those who do the grocery errands, living near the hubs and shops is a great advantage. Choosing a home with close proximity to the vital points in the city can help minimize the effort of going miles to buy the daily necessities. Save yourself some time and lessen any contact from the outside world (for now) by living near everything that matters.


Recreational amenities and outdoor living spaces

Those who would like to hit the gym but can't leave their house can benefit from a community that has it all. From recreational amenities to large outdoor living spaces for fun activities, an ideal home can be a safe space while offering alternative solutions for those who live an active lifestyle.


A home that is worth the money, is an ideal home to many.


Homeseekers tend to go for anything affordable but of excellent quality. After several considerations, only then can one decide if a home is worth investing in or not. Some might have various qualifications set for their ideal home before the health crisis. But now that there is a pandemic has your perception of an ideal home changed?


There are things that you might end up considering when choosing the ideal home after this crisis.



Why Empire East homes are ideal

Empire East offers the best and quality home options to match every home-seekers lifestyle. Every Empire East home has safety and security features, spaciously designed, has recreational amenities to match those who have an active lifestyle, and is generally equipped with sustainable innovations that respond well to the health crisis' requirements. The properties are also strategically located near the banks, shopping hubs, and vital points in the city.


From Transit-Oriented Developments to Urban Resorts, Empire East now focuses on Virus-Proofing each community to serve the needs of its dwellers actively.


It isn't too late to decide on your ideal home and think about your next investment. Discover your home options and inquire about the home of your choice today!


Send your queries to inquiry@empire-east.com, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for more updates.


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