Home Office Design Tips that will Make You LOVE Working from Home

27 May 2020

Whether you’ve been a home-based worker or a newbie at the work-from-home setup, your home can become extremely distracting, especially when everyone’s there!


Good thing this new Condo near Ortigas, Pasig shows how you can spruce your rooms to be conducive for the work-from-home setup!


Are you looking for some inspiration? Check out our recent photos of Empire East Highland City, a condo in Pasig-Cainta that offers spacious units to achieve your dream home workspace. 


Meanwhile, here are some tips in designing your home office to accomplish more goals and to help you stay focused:


1. Think Green 


According to studies, houseplants have the power to purify the air and destress your home! Plants can create a relaxing space while heightening your concentration. 


Liven up your space through live plants! Having life inside your room energizes you to accomplish more tasks. Make sure to decorate with plants of all sizes to get bursts of inspiration for a clearer and livelier room. 





2. Let there be Light!


Dark rooms have always represented sleep and rest. Invite light into your home by opening windows and opting for blinds and curtains with lighter hues and fabrics. Adding a mirror to bounce the light around your area is a big plus! Turn your workspace into a breathable haven by keeping things light and breezy. Having natural light in your room can help you get your daily dose of vitamin D and lessen the harm of your work computer. 




3. You need space.


Working at home might mean you need to compromise an area for your workspace. Having your workspace rather than settling for working on your bed (although comfy!) will significantly boost your productivity! 


It’s time to move some things around and declutter to create space for your workstation. Keep your home clean and organized by using the perfect storage boxes and drawers that will complement your home. Also, remind your family to stay clear of your space on work hours to avoid distractions. They’ll surely be glad to help you out! 




4. Stay neutral.


If you’re going in for a total transformation, try checking online inspirations on Pinterest and look for rooms with neutral tones. You may opt for neutral-colored rugs, desks, and more! Neutral-themed workrooms have been proven to stimulate creativity and clear your mind. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color for a fun twist!


With these tips, achieving your dream home office space is a no-brainer! Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different styles and options while keeping these guidelines in mind. Once everything is set, you’ll be able to get your work done in a jiffy!




Working from home is not as easy as it seems, although more comfortable, always remember to take breaks in between and spend time with your family. 


Luckily for you, if you’re an Empire East Highland City resident, you get the chance to play around with different styles as much as you’d like! This condo in Pasig-Cainta offers a variety of spacious units for any living set up. Whether you’re living with family or alone, you can turn your dream home office space into a reality.


Empire East Highland City is a condo in Pasig-Cainta that presents flexible living arrangements for those who want to enjoy life in the Metro while relaxing in the calming vibe of the East! With this condo in Pasig-Cainta, you can get the right amount of fun and focus on getting started on your dream work-life-balance. In addition to that, Empire East Highland City is the greenest city in the East that offers a healthy mix of amenities to help you stay fit and amused when you stay at home!


Empire East Highland City is situated along the expanse of Felix Avenue, near the upcoming LRT Line 2 Emerald Station. This accessible condo set in Pasig-Cainta is an attractive location for families, students, and professionals alike! 


Interested? Know more about this condo in Pasig-Cainta by e-mailing us at inquiry@empire-east.com to know more.

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