How to Take Care of Our Only Home

22 April 2020
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This year’s theme for Earth Day revolves around responding to UN Sustainable Goal 13 about Climate Action—a premise that directly talks about climate change and how it represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and life-support systems that make our world habitable.


Meanwhile, Luzon has been on an Enhanced Community Quarantine for more than a month now. Staying at home is the best measure to practice during this health crisis that we currently face. While coronavirus may force us to keep our distance, it shouldn’t force us to keep our voices down, and our actions to help aid the issue at hand. We can still do our part even while at our homes.


Here are some things you can do at home to help in taking good care of Planet Earth:


Educate yourself and others.

Be aware of what’s happening in the world. Watch and read the news, research about the existing solutions, and see if you can improve or offer a new one to the world.


You may also visit for more interesting facts about Earth and the collective efforts worldwide to know that you’re not alone in this fight.


Switch to a sustainable lifestyle.

There are many ways to start a new way of living:

  • Minimize single-use plastic.

  • Create less waste by reusing or recycling.

  • Conserve water.

  • Walk, bike or carpool.

  • Use products that are made from all-natural ingredients.



Be mindful of using water and electricity. Turn off or unplug unused appliances. Save the Earth by reusing water for other purposes like watering the plants and washing your household equipment. Conserving water and electricity play a significant role in making an impact on climate action.


Create an indoor garden.

Grow your own foods or ingredients. The Bureau of Plant Industry gives free seedlings for those who want to grow their own garden. Just contact their hotlines or visit their offices or read through this link for more information:


Join an online community. Donate.

Reach out to more people, share facts, and offer what you can give. Thanks to the digital world, we can do such things even on quarantine. 


Several NGOs organize donation drives for the frontliners of our local hospitals. Browse through them on Facebook or Twitter and reach out if you are willing to donate; even a small amount makes a big difference during this time.


As a community, let us not forget to protect our only home, Planet Earth. We live on the same planet, and there’s no other one like it. While most of us are at home during this time, let us also do our part in saving our only home, starting from our own homes.


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