Make the impossible POSSIBLE! Here's how you can easily tour a property without leaving the comforts of your home

27 September 2021


Everything is online these days. With the pandemic forcing companies and businesses to rethink and innovate ways to keep their services going, convenient ways to transact with consumers have been developed to preserve everyone’s health and safety while conducting business. 


Now, there’s just about an app or online version for every need and service out there. You can order food, groceries, clothes, medicines, and home services from online stores at the comfort of your own home!


Going digital

What if we tell you that you can view your future home without going out? 


Transmutation to a digital sphere goes for real estate as well. Other than the relatively available listings, videos, and information on a property’s website, most real estate companies have evolved to accommodate contactless transactions with their clients. These include the introduction of online payments, calls and emails, and virtual meetings that would replace the usual face-to-face activities of the homebuying process.     


While seeing the property in person is still the preferred choice for most homebuyers, most prospecting clients are looking into safer and more convenient means to look for a home. This includes watching videos, looking through development photos, and directly inquiring about a home they’re interested in. 


Next level sights 

Real estate developer Empire East is taking virtual viewings to the next level. As the company thrives in the online workspace by utilizing channels that would help them stay connected to their clients, Empire East elevates this experience by introducing a virtual property tour for clients within and outside the Philippines. 


Empire East Highland City, located along Felix Avenue, Pasig-Cainta is the country’s first elevated township that has attracted most investors from all over the world. To accommodate the interest of clients despite the distance, Empire East has developed a virtual tour that would take you around the development’s different phases and features. 


Here’s what you can expect to see from an Empire East Highland City virtual tour: 



Highland Park



An 8,000-square meter sprawling green and open space to greet you and your loved ones beginning at the main property entrance along Felix Avenue. This also includes a transportation hub to promote convenience for its residents as they go to the city for their activities. 


Highland Residences


A community of 37 high-rise towers carefully designed to preserve your privacy, safety, while giving you breathtaking views of the Sierra Mountains and the bustling Ortigas skyline.


Highland Mall



A world-class mall that has a distinct line of shops that will cater to the leisure and needs of its residents and passerby by showcasing a sophisticated shopping experience. 


The Chartered Club



An exclusive membership-only sports club that features a lap pool, an exclusive gym, a basketball court, cafe and lounge, archery range, and function rooms for its members’ use. 


Sounds good? Wait until you see the outstanding visuals of our Empire East Highland City virtual tour!


Don’t be left out and book your personal tour of Empire East Highland City with us today! Simply tap any of our social media accounts and message us “HOME TOUR” or email us at to get started.



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