Making room for the busy scholar

19 January 2018

When you live in a studio apartment, space management is usually the biggest ordeal. Sure, you don’t have enough space but that doesn’t mean that you need to endure living in a storage room. But take note that your place doesn’t need to be immaculately clean just like the ones in the magazines.

All you have to do is to get up and start de-cluttering your place. In this way, you will get rid of stuff that others might find useful.

You can also throw away hazardous things such as those that occupy so much space and eats up your emergency passage way.


Also, cleaning up often leads to making your space breathe. It will make your place more conducive to finish some school or office work. It will clear your mind. Consider the following:

1. Set aside a “clean-up day.” It’s already 2018 so you should start reviewing your stuff for the things that you may or may not need anymore. But go easy on buying a ton of storage bins and supplies. It will be better if you sort your stuff first before deciding which storage bin you need to purchase. Also, you have to find space for these storage bins. The thing with clutter is that they tend to expand. So sort properly and find space for it.


2. Send them out. After sorting out the “to keep or not to keep” pile, don’t keep the boxes for friends or charity in your home. Make sure to deliver it immediately to your nearest charity house. Saving this task for later will only eat space in your already congested home. Complete the deal. Otherwise, all the sorting work will just go down the drain.

3. Use the walls. Learn to make use of vertical space. Check out those organizers and shelves. They can be your new best friends. Look for storage space above other things. But the wall offers accessibility as well. You can easily reach or find things that you are looking for once it’s hanging on the wall.

4. Create a suitable space for studying. Don’t hang around in nooks where there are common distractions such as the TV. Find a restorative space where your mind can focus on the task at hand. If possible, select a space near the window. The natural light will also be good for you

5. Make decluttering a part of your study routine. Keep your place tidy. It’s a big waste of time if you can’t find what you need. If you still have enough space, having a bookshelf will help you organize your things.

The good news is that some developments provide ample space for the busy scholars to thrive and succeed. Trusted home developer Empire East Land Holdings Inc. create homes which perfectly fit the needs of students and the academe.

It has considerable space with a floor area of 60 square meters. Empire East’s Little Baguio Terraces is among the popular choice for students and young professionals. Not only is it located in a transit-oriented address but it also offers the best value for homes in the city.

Little Baguio Terraces is situated along N. Domingo Street and Aurora Boulevard in San Juan City. Transport hubs such as the Gilmore and J. Ruiz stations of LRT-2 are nearby, which make moving around the city more convenient.

And for your decluttering needs, the Greenhills Shopping Center is the place to go. It offers a wide variety of storage bins at affordable prices.

For over two decades, Empire East has provided affordable yet high-quality homes for all Filipinos. The developer bears in mind the dweller’s convenience, security and modern city lifestyle.
For inquiries, call 810-3333 or chat with us LIVE! at You can also follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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