New Normal Must-haves For Working Moms

11 June 2020
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There's a New Normal in town! 


The New Normal means that we will be following new rules, making new habits, and breaking old ones as part of our sustainable response to health awareness and self-protection. For moms, preparing your family and adjusting your work around the new normal will be an arduous task. 


Luckily, this condo for sale in Pasig-Cainta helps you achieve all your goals as we adjust to the new normal! Empire East Highland City, a 24-hectare township, is New Normal-ready as it includes all the necessities and standards that new homes must have. 


With all the planning that needs to be done to make sure the family is ready for any significant adjustments, here's a shortlist to help you out on your must-haves during this time. 


  1. Alcohol / Hand sanitizer / Disinfectant spray


This staple from our germaphobe friends is our new best friend! Protect yourself and your family from the virus by washing your hands and your items as you get home from work. These handy disinfectants will also help as you step outside of the house and step into the office, the grocery, and public transportation! 


  1. Extra Facemasks 


Facemasks are selling hot in most online and physical stores! Style it up, or dress it down, this is everyone's newest way to make a fashion statement. Protect others and yourself from catching airborne viruses by having some on hand to give to those who aren't wearing them. You're also encouraged to change your disposable masks every three hours to maintain effectiveness.


  1. Travel Pass / Quarantine Pass


As a working mom, going out may become mandatory in the days to come. Make sure to always bring your Travel Pass for proper identification as well as for contact tracing purposes. If you still haven't gotten one or misplaced yours, contacting your local government is your best choice. 


  1. Food, transportation, grocery, and shopping apps


Are you working at home and lost for time? These apps are handy in case you can't fit cooking and shopping in your schedule! Treat the family to surprise meals from their favorite restaurants from time to time. This way, we can support our local businesses!   


  1. A Clean Home and a Well-Designed Community


Your home can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other kinds of sickness when not properly maintained. Maintaining a clean environment for your family is the best way to keep them healthy. With the best cleaning supplies and the best cleaning team (a.k.a the family), your home will be spic and span in no time! 


If you were an Empire East Highland City resident, you get the chance to enjoy the best out of your work-life balance as much as you'd like! This 24-hectare township condo in Pasig-Cainta offers spacious units for any living set up. Whether you need a space for your home office or a new playroom for the kids, you'll find the best set-up for your needs. 


Empire East Highland City is a condo in Pasig-Cainta that presents flexible living arrangements for those who want to enjoy life in the metro while relaxing in the calming vibe of the East! Its walkable area includes a shopping mall, transportation hubs, a public park -- all in one place! 

Perfect for those who are thinking of making quick trips to save time. 


In addition, Empire East Highland City is the greenest city in the East that offers a healthy mix of amenities that will help you stay fit and amused when you stay at home! Townships like this also offer the safest environment where space is generously given for homeowners to enjoy. With the help of physical distancing and nature and a well-kempt community, staying healthy instantly becomes the priority!


Empire East Highland City is situated along Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta near the upcoming LRT Line 2 Emerald Station and Cainta-Junction station of the upcoming MRT-4.


Interested? Know more about this condo in Pasig-Cainta by calling us at 8810-3333 or email us at to know more.


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