New Year’s Resolutions for Homebuyers and Investors

20 December 2022
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With 2023 just around the corner, plenty of people have begun listing down the resolutions they want to accomplish for the coming year. From losing weight, quitting vices, changing lifestyle to achieving more, let it be in career, finances, investments, travels, and personal relationships—the list goes on. It may also include attaining goals that are previously unconquered.

Too bad for some, if not many, they fail to undertake their new year’s resolutions even after just a couple of weeks. Many would find themselves guilty of going back to old unproductive habits and losing their momentum to change. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU IN 2023, especially when it comes to buying your dream home or investing in a real estate property.

If you have always been aspiring to acquire a home you can call your own, or looking into expanding your investment portfolio and earning more by purchasing properties such as condos, here are some 2023 resolutions you shouldn’t miss to aim for:


It all starts with the courage to take the first step. Ensure that you have the 100% will of your heart and your mind to finally begin your homebuying journey. Search for your ideal condo NOW. There is no other better time to invest but TODAY.


What exactly are your short-term and long-term plans? Do you need a home where you can immediately move in? Are you willing to wait for several years and let your property’s market value increase over time? Will you eventually rent out or resell your condo?

Have a VISION of what you really want—it will be easier for you to take on the next steps if your path is clear.


Unscrupulous budgeting and unnecessary spending are probably the most common pitfalls of anyone’s new year’s resolutions. Be mindful of your needs and wants. Learn how to prioritize expenses. Do not spend beyond your limit. Commit yourself to setting aside for your condo’s monthly amortizations and settle them on time.


Do not just be conscious of your physical looks that’s why you’re setting your fitness goals. Think of your overall health and wellbeing. What’s the sense of buying a home and investing in real estate if you are unhealthy and sickly? No investor would want all the ROI (return on investment) he gained merely go to medical expenses later on.


Almost all property developers such as leading innovator Empire East are on the road towards sustainability in the communities they build. For instance, eco-friendly construction methods and sustainable features are of utmost priority in developing the 22-hectare township Empire East Highland City along Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta, as well as the transit-oriented The Paddington Place near MRT-3 Shaw Boulevard station in Mandaluyong City.

Sustainability is a lifestyle, so begin living up practices that care for the environment, minimize waste, utilize renewable energy, and promote healthy wellbeing.

No matter how our 2022 went by, had it been a good one or not, this coming year ahead allows us to start anew and fulfill our goals. If we had broken our previous resolutions, this is the perfect time to get things right.

Explore the best home investment options that Empire East offers you this 2023. Learn more about its innovative and sustainable communities by sending an email to or calling (02) 8810-3333 and 0917-8-EMPIRE (367473). You may also follow its official social media accounts to know the latest promo offers.

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