27 August 2019
Securing the Future: Why OFWs Must Invest in Empire East Highland City

Overseas Filipino workers bravely face the challenges of employment in a foreign country in order to create a brighter future for their loved ones. But the money earned from a job abroad will likely not last a lifetime, if not managed wisely.


Some of the money that OFWs earn from their hardships should be set aside for investments, which could take many forms. Investments in education for their children and in businesses for sustained income are good examples of where OFWs should allocate their funds.


OFWs, however, should also consider spending their money on real estate investments. Here are some of the reasons why this is an excellent idea, and why Empire East Highland City is a property worthy of the hard-earned money of OFWs.


Why Should OFWs Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate investments are steadily finding their way to the top of the list of preferences for OFWs on how they will spend the money they earned abroad. For the following reasons, investing in real estate is becoming more attractive amid all the other options for OFWs.


Appreciation of Value

One of the primary reasons for choosing real estate investments is that properties appreciate in value over time. This is most obviously seen when projects such as house and lots in subdivisions and units in condominium buildings are in the pre-selling stage. The price of the properties increases over time, from groundbreaking to turnover, so it is always cheapest when houses or condo units are acquired at the earliest time possible.


In addition to the price increases from the pre-selling rate of properties, developments in the area surrounding projects contribute to the steady appreciation of their value. These may come in the form of commercial developments such as shopping malls, or infrastructure developments like roads and transportation systems. As these developments come online, the demand for living spaces within the area shoots up, further pushing up the prices of properties.


Sense of Security


OFWs will soon want to come home to their families, and investing in real estate will provide them with a sense of security. Properties that they have purchased may function as their living spaces once they come home. Houses and condo units that are bought during their pre-selling stage also provides a timeline for the realization of their investments, which may play into their decision on when to return to the Philippines for good.


Investing in real estate also provides a sense of security because it represents money that will grow over time, which OFWs will be able to use as they see fit once they are back home.


Potential Income Generation

The security that real estate investments provide is also partly due to their potential income-generating opportunities. If the property that they choose to purchase is in a prime location, there will be high demand for living spaces in the area.


OFWs may choose to offer the house or condo unit that they purchased for rent, which would result in a steady, monthly income for their living expenses. They may choose to go with traditional, long-term rentals, or short-term rentals powered by apps such as Airbnb. Short-term rentals may prove to be the more lucrative option if the property is within or near an entertainment or shopping hub.


Of course, there is also the option for OFWs to sell the property that they purchased, for a good return on their investment due to the expected appreciation of value. The money may then be used for another investment such as a business, or perhaps another property.


Upgraded Lifestyle

Acquiring a house or a condo unit may also provide OFWs with a tangible upgrade to their lifestyle, especially if they choose to invest in a high-end property. Moving to an exclusive subdivision or a luxurious condominium building may give personal satisfaction of achieving a better environment for their families and loved ones.


Investing in a high-end property also usually gives access to a suite of amenities for rest and recreation, so that OFWs may be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and relax after years upon years of working hard abroad.


Empire East Highland City: An Ideal Investment Choice

For OFWs who are convinced that investing in real estate is a worthwhile endeavor for their hard-earned money, they may want to take a look at one of the premier developments in the Pasig-Cainta area: Empire East Highland City.


The Empire East Highland City is a master-planned township that is set to rise along Felix Avenue as the first-ever “elevated city” in the Philippines. The property will include the Highland Residences, the Highland Mall, and the Highland Park.


The Highland Residences will be a community of 37 high-rise towers that are designed to provide, safety, privacy, and luxury. The condominium towers will be built on stilts to further distance them from the ground and road levels, creating a truly “elevated city.” In the middle of the residential towers will be a 6,700 sq.m. five-star sports club to be named The Chartered Club, exclusive to residents who avail of membership. The club will host world-class amenities and sports facilities such as swimming pools, a multi-purpose court, a game room, event halls, a café, and a lounge. Residents will also be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline, or the Antipolo and Sierra Madre hills from their own windows.


The Highland Mall, meanwhile, will feature 58,000 sq.m. of retail spaces, which will be very accessible to the people living in the Highland Residences. The mall will offer a multitude of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment, providing residents with practically everything that they would need just a few steps away from their units.


The Highland Park will be an expansive open greenery that will welcome residents and visitors of the Empire East Highland City. Elevated 6 meters from Felix Avenue, the 8,000 sq.m. park will not only host vast gardens, but also retail areas and a 500-seater church.


The Highland Mall and Highland Park will have six-lane roads at both sides, sloping into four-lane roads towards the Highland Residences. There will be spacious sidewalks and ample distance between condominium towers though, for open space to allow air and sunlight to naturally flow around the high-rise homes.


The area surrounding the Empire East Highland City is also undergoing major developments, which will further increase demand for living spaces in the area. One of the ongoing projects is the LRT-2 East Extension, which includes the planned Emerald Station at the intersection of Felix Avenue and Marcos Highway. Once the extension is complete, residents of Empire East Highland City will be able to access the rest of the LRT and MRT lines through the new station.


The location of the Empire East Highland City, with Marcos Highway in the north and the Ortigas Avenue Extension in the south, places it at the center of the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.  Through Ortigas Avenue and the C-5 Road, the property is connected to important locations such as the central business districts in Makati, Ortigas, and Bonifacio Global City, as well as the schools, shopping outlets, and retail hubs in nearby cities.


With these characteristics, the Empire East Highland City proves to be a worthy investment for OFWs looking to get into real estate. Condominium units in the Highland Residences will surely appreciate in value as the years go by and developments in the area are brought to completion, driving up demand for the properties. The luxurious setting will also provide OFWs with their much-needed break from all their hard work, potentially as a retirement home or as an upgrade to the existing living spaces of their families.

Tower 1 of the first residential cluster in the Highland Residences is now in pre-selling stage, offering studio units, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. Studio units range from about 21 sq.m. to 23 sq.m., one-bedroom suites range from about 29 sq.m. to 32 sq.m, and two-bedroom suites range from about 41 sq.m. to 47 sq.m.


Empire East will contribute to the planned Php 20 billion spending over the next 10 years to develop the Empire East Highland City. Land development has started in Q2 this year, so OFWs who are thinking about investing in the property will need to decide soon as the first units offered in pre-selling may run out fast. Prices for succeeding pre-selling clusters may already increase, depending on demand.


OFWs who are looking for a property that promises appreciation of value, a sense of security, potential income generation, and upgraded lifestyle should look no further than the Empire East Highland City.


To know more about this development, call (02) 810-3333, or visit, and follow @empireasthighlandcity on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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