Treat Dad Out on a Random Day: Here are 5 Low-cost but Equally Thrilling Dining Places in the East

30 June 2019

Can't decide where to spend your 15/30 money on? Bet you can never go wrong with whatever makes your tummy happy-- food!

Probably one of the most interestingly difficult questions to answer is when someone asks you where you want to eat on a random day. This would be more complicated depending on who you are with. Thinking about what and where to eat can either make or break a relationship, in some absurd cases. Of course, you don't want to end up eating by yourself forever so you might want to consider some points: the value and quality of the food, the ambiance, and even its accessibility (if you don't want to spend a lifetime being stuck in the heavy traffic)-- you would want to make sure that you hit all of these on a bull's eye in one sitting.


Deciding where to bring your family is a different case, especially if it's your dad who you are with. Just so, don't miss out on these diners and food hubs that can definitely put a smile on that hirsute face and a big 'yey' on his tummy on a random day!




Tapsi ni Vivian

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when that might be true to some, this diner in Cainta takes the leap of venturing into the breakfast-all-day type of vibe. This famous tapsihan is one of the icebreakers of many foodie warriors not only in the East but also those from other parts of Manila.  Tapsi ni Vivian has been in the business for more than three decades already. Their first and only branch back then was just in Quezon Province but it expanded and now it already has several branches. But travel less and crave no more, because this go-to dressed-down and cozy dining place is right within the Pasig-Cainta area. Their tapsilog is known to be the holy grail of all their silog archetypes because of its sweet and savory taste that sits in your mouth. Hey, pretty sure that your dad won't say no this, right?



Kalye Unligrill

Who says no to unlimited pork and side dishes-- basically unli-everything? Probably our vegetarian comrades will be guilty. But those who enjoy the stars of a typical backyard party (barbeques!) can't definitely say NAH to this place in the East. Kalye Unligrill in Sta. Lucia Mall located in Cainta brings the house down with its 'homey feels' and with its variety and mix of Filipino and Korean street foods that you can consume until you feel like eating. So, go drag dad to this kalye (don't forget to enjoy the smoke!) and give him the unli-food that he deserves.




Gerry's Jeepney

Situated in one of the most popular foodie destinations in Kapitolyo, Pasig is Gerry's Jeepney-- a Filipino-inspired diner where you get to enjoy your favorite lutong bahay cuisines from sinigang to adobo even up to the ensaladang talong. Take pleasure in the sit-down ambiance with the OPM songs playing on the background while you dig yourself onto their mouth-watering boodle-fight type of serving. From the food to the interior, you and your dad will surely enjoy the experience, bits and pieces!



Skinita Street Foodz

The first noticeable difference of Skinita Street Foodz from other dining places is its casual ambiance-- from the vandalism on the wall to the pockmarked wooden tables and chairs, this new restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig is one of those with the most unique interiors. If you are up for the Filipino street food experience, then dad will probably be, too! With the nostalgic vibe that the movie posters and music from the '70s to the '90s that this place gives, your superman can get trip down on his memory lane and enjoy the local delicacies, all at the same time.


Food dEASTrict

Ever tried bringing your dad to a food park? This is a sign-- go ahead and try this food hub that is known to be the first and only food park in the East. If you are from the Pasig-Cainta area, this new foodie must-try hub is just alongside Felix Avenue, and you know what that means? It means lamon at its finest! From the colorful buns and charcoal burgers to hotdogs and waffles, you and your dad can have the brunch-type-of-date even on a cold Friday night.




Empire East Highland City, the first elevated city in the country, stands tall along Felix Avenue in the Pasig-Cainta area. The 24-hectare township development gives life to 37 towers with more than 30 floors, with the spacious sprawling greeneries that welcome the residents to give them the grandeur welcome that they deserve.


The Highland City ensures you of luxurious living with its exceptional amenities and developments. With the Spanish Steps leading to the Highland Mall with retail establishments, living in the Highland suits your ideal lifestyle that caters to all your needs.

With its proximity from central business districts and modes of transportation, Empire East Highland City gives you the privilege of easy accessibility to different food hubs and must-try dining places in the East. Less hassle from the trip, more time for you and your fam!


There's nothing wrong with treating your dad out on a random day because you know that he deserves that and so much more. No need to wait for some special occasions-- just good place and good food. You also need not to worry where to bring your fam next when your home sits right next to countless of options that suit not only your lifestyle but also your taste buds. Who doesn't want that?


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