17 June 2022
Why investing in a pre-selling development is better than RFO




In real estate investments, capital appreciation is the increase in property value over time. Considering the value for money when you buy a land or a property and knowing it will be a strategic location for future developments is the key to this kind of investment. The idea is to buy low, sell high, or rent out your unit at an increased price. This is one of many reasons why wise investors choose pre-selling developments as one of their investment assets.


What is a Pre-selling Development?

A pre-selling development is a condominium under construction that allows you to enjoy the benefits of homeownership without having to pay the total price of your unit. This means you can have your place without spending all your savings in one go.

Why do Investors Choose Pre-selling Developments?

Investors choose pre-selling developments for several reasons. One is that it allows them to buy into a community before it’s completed. This means you can select the location and unit you want, which may be more convenient or affordable than what’s available at other times.

Another reason investors choose pre-selling developments is that they can lock in their purchase price before construction begins on the project. This prevents them from paying more for their condo unit once construction begins or after completion. There may be higher fees associated with refinancing your loan or additional costs due to inflation (like utilities).


A Strong Capital Appreciation History

Capital appreciation is the increase in the value of an asset over time. It represents an investor’s ability to realize a profit on their investment without selling the property.

For example, imagine you were one of ten people who bought P5,000 worth of stock when it was first offered at P500/share. Over time, as your share price rose and fell as part of its daily fluctuations (known as volatility), investors may have opted out while others bought more shares at higher prices; however, by holding onto your original ten shares until today when they are worth P1000 each (a 50% return), you have earned a nice profit through capital appreciation alone!


Unmatched Convenience and Accessibility

For those looking for a convenient place to live in a few years, a luxury pre-selling condo like the Empire East Highland City in Pasig-Cainta is worth considering. The area has been known for its easy access to public transportation, making it ideal for young professionals and families who don’t have the time or resources to commute daily. Ongoing infrastructure projects in the zone are also expected to increase the value of properties within the area.

Due to its proximity to other parts of Metro Manila, this area offers residents more options when it comes to shopping and entertainment options like malls, cinemas, and restaurants. In addition, numerous schools nearby and hospitals provide excellent health care services—a plus point if you have young children at home!

Investing in a luxury pre-selling development allows you to reap its benefits after a couple of years, including its affordable introductory prices, value appreciation, and early access to the amenities at a member-exclusive sports club.


What is a Luxury Condo?

Luxury condos are properties with upscale amenities and facilities. They cost more than regular ones because they offer additional value—like better views from higher floors or better quality materials used during construction—that make them worth their higher prices compared to other options available today. 

Luxury condos are located inside Metro Manila's urban core area; close enough where people can easily get around quickly through personal vehicles, which aren't always practical due to how expensive gas prices are right now, or via public transportation.

The best example of a luxury condo in Metro Manila is the newest Empire East Highland City, located at Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta. Interested investors and homebuyers can take advantage of this pre-selling development’s introductory price. In addition, its third tower is currently up for reservation with zero down payment and zero interest for a limited time. 

For more information, please contact your sales agent.

Luxury condos like Empire East Highland City are usually equipped with first-class amenities exclusive to their members or homeowners. These amenities and features also add value to the property, making it an attractive investment asset for resale and renting out.


The Finest Amenities and Features

Empire East Highland City’s amenities and features make it stand out. The best thing about these features is that they are not available in other projects, so you get to enjoy a luxury that no one else can enjoy with you.

Another great thing about investing in a luxury pre-selling condo is how it helps shape your lifestyle as a community resident. These benefits include:

  • The world-class fitness gym where you can work out daily to stay fit and healthy

  • The resort-like swimming pool where you can take a dip whenever you feel like it

  • The cafe and lounge where guests and residents alike come for their lunch breaks during weekends or after work hours

  • A function hall for family activities or corporate events

  • A multi-purpose court for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and many more!


Considering the costs of pre-selling developments and the factors contributing to a strong capital appreciation history is essential.

Now that you know the benefits and risks of pre-selling developments, it's time to consider their costs.

Some developers may charge additional fees for a pre-selling project, but this is not always the case. In some cases, developers like Empire East may offer discounts on real estate properties if they are guaranteed buyers before construction has started. These bonuses can help offset some of the costs of purchasing a property before its completion date. 


Affordable Price and Flexible Payment Options

It's important to understand that these bonuses are usually available only when you buy within a set timeframe (usually 6-12 months). After this period has passed, there aren't any additional incentives or discounts available for early buyers; however, depending on how far into construction your home has progressed, this will determine how much more money it would cost you if you were looking to buy after construction had already begun on other units within your development community's housing inventory—and whether or not buying now would be more financially advantageous than waiting another year until all houses are complete!

In addition to discounting prices before construction begins on new homesites/building sites within their projects' master plans (especially when considering high-rise condominium buildings), many developers offer special financing terms through which buyers can make limited deposits upfront with no money down required. Some can avail of initial installments over several months as outlined by contract terms set forth between themselves. These agreements generally require monthly payments throughout those initial few weeks following the completion date prior purchase decision made during the first step shown above.


Invest in a luxury pre-selling development like Empire East Highland City and see how your ROI grows in a few years

While investing in a pre-selling development can be a handful, the benefits of purchasing such property and its strong capital appreciation potential assure you of a higher return on investment than other options. 

For more information about Empire East Highland City and other pre-selling developments in Metro Manila, visit or email

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