Why You Should Buy a 1-Bedroom Unit in 2023

04 September 2023
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2023 marks the return of most people from work-from-home setups back to office or school locations. This current trend in resulted in house and lot properties that are priced heavily due to the demand for accessible homes, especially when you target prime locations within the major central business districts of Metro Manila. You may commonly find budget-friendly homes in neighboring provinces or in the peripheries of the metropolis. This is the reason why high-rise condominium living has been the practical and efficient choice among urban dwellers, as most condo developments are strategically located close to offices, schools, malls, and other essential establishments.

When homebuyers think of “condo living,” some of them imagine residing in a restricted living space where you are obliged to maximize every square meter and every inch of your condo unit. This thought might have been brought about by the advent of more and more studio-type units offered by many residential developers, as well as home makeover videos we can watch online where furniture and fixtures are being custom-built to suit small spaces.

Studio-type units with smaller space will definitely cost less, while a larger two-bedroom condo will surely have a higher price unless you really need a wider living space for a bigger family. If you’re caught in such a dilemma, a one-bedroom suite might just be the right choice for you! We’re listing down the top reasons that make a one-bedroom condo worth investing in:

Feels Like Home

Owning a one-bedroom condo unit is just like having your own house. Having a separate bedroom lets you freely move around and do more activities with the living space you have. It may deviate from the traditional house we imagine one way or the other. Still, the comfort and convenience an ideal home provides can be experienced as well in a condo unit with your own bedroom.

Very Filipino

We, Pinoys, are renowned globally for our trademark hospitality. We love inviting our relatives and friends to come over to our homes and entertain them with delicious food, limitless kwentuhan, and perhaps a playlist of videoke songs. A one-bedroom condo suite will provide you the privacy that you deserve, unlike a studio unit that exposes everything, including your sleeping area.

More things you can do

Should you need a spot for your work-from-home setup or your children's study nook, there will surely be enough space in your one-bedroom condo unit. You can also possibly create an entertainment area, a fitness or hobby space, a mini-garden for indoor plants, or anything else where you could express yourself without compromising comfort.

Easy to maintain

A studio might be easier to maintain because it has less space, but in reality, having an open-plan flat layout where everything is laid out before your eyes somehow obliges you to put it in order all at once. A one-bedroom condo unit might have a bigger space for you to clean, but it is still manageable to maintain, and you would also be able to compartmentalize the cleaning of your condo home.

Higher Investment Returns

When you invest more, you can gain more. While any condo property is a good investment, you are bound to reap higher ROI from a bigger condo unit that you will resell or rent out. If you intend to do condo rental business, let it be for short-term or long-term lease, you can command higher rates for a one-bedroom unit because of the separate room you have. Plus, your living area can possibly be converted into another sleeping den.

Value over price

Some home seekers are reluctant to avail of bigger condos because of the more expensive price tag that comes with it, but realizing all the value that you can enjoy, it will definitely be worth it. When you’re buying a condo property in the pre-selling stage, it is best to decide now to avail a bigger unit than regret after several years upon turnover of your condo unit why you just purchased a smaller one.

Buying during pre-selling will also give you more flexible payment options where you are not required to pay in full or give out a huge down payment right away. For instance, real estate developer Empire East presents its upcoming township along Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta, the 22-hectare Empire East Highland City at affordable promo discounts ranging from 5% up to 10% and payment terms with low monthly amortizations!

Because of the community’s strategic location, sustainable features, and world-class amenities, available units at Empire East Highland City are quickly running out. To meet with the growing demand, the developer has launched two towers of Bellara, the second phase of its residential towers. Under the ongoing Real Deal Holiday promo offered this holiday season, 1-bedroom suites ranging from 28.50 up to 31.52 square meters can be availed starting at PHP 9,000 monthly! 

To learn more about our exclusive deals and flexble payment terms for as low as PHP 9,000 monthly for a 1-bedroom suite at Empire East Highland City, contact us today at (02) 8810-3333 or send us an email to inquiry@empire-east.com! 

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