24 January 2020
Year of the Metal Rat: How to Make Your Home Flourish This 2020!

Ever wondered why your home “feels low” at times? If we’re to look up the Feng Shui, interior placements might be the culprit. This Year of the Metal Rat,  welcome the “good energy” with a little help from Feng Shui to help invite the positivities!          


We’re here to help you innovate the corners of your home to get the high energy flowing in your household all year round!





  1. Go With the Flow~

The Year of the Metal Rat brings creativity within your home, so the best thing to do is to incorporate flowing elements like water! A flowing fountain might or a photo of an ocean will help increase the productivity and creativity that flows towards your family.


P.S., Avoid placing water anywhere near the northern part of your home as it may direct the luck outward.




  1. Feng Shui Remedies to the Rescue!

This year, try to minimize activities and renovations in the eastern part of your home. Also, you should avoid putting fiery colors and woody elements as it contradicts the year of the metal rat’s energy. Some of the Feng Shui remedies include a 6-rod metal wind chime or a 6 I-Ching coins to counter the negative energies. 


Plants and greens can also help if you put them at the center of the house.



  1. Open the Door of Opportunities; Keep it Bright and Clean

Doors are crucial parts of placements in Feng Shui, especially in a family home. It symbolizes the entry of opportunities, wealth, and career. So make sure that you put the entrance of positivities in the right direction! Like so, avoid placing your bed, stove, and desk facing your door as it might bring bad luck to some aspects of your life.


Always keep the entry of your home clean and clear. Move the furniture that might block it. The northwest part of your home harnesses the most prosperous star of luck and wealth. 


With these tips, you’re sure to have a great year ahead as you strategically ward off negative energies and welcome positive energies into your home.


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