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Art Therapy: 5 Pasig-Cainta Destinations to Appreciate Art

People who travel to other countries always visit famous museums for art and culture, but you don’t really need to travel to Paris and New York to see world-class art. In the Pasig-Cainta area, several spots can already serve you some much-needed chicken soup for the art lover’s soul. 


Our Lady of Light Parish Church

Bonifacio Avenue, San Andres, Cainta

It’s not wise to pass-up on a chance to see a Fernando Amorsolo masterpiece in all its glory, and you can do just that in Our Lady of Light Parish Church. This place of worship famously houses an oil on canvas image rendition of Our Lady of Light by National Artist, Fernando Amorsolo, which has since undergone conservation efforts so that more generations of Marian devotees and art enthusiasts alike can appreciate its artistry and historical significance.


Pasig City Museum

Plaza Rizal, San Jose, Pasig City

The edifice which houses Pasig City Museum is already historical art into itself: the two-story Concepcion Mansion is a Spanish-Baroque architectural marvel by Pasig native Felizardo M. Dimanlig, with interiors inspired by pre-war sensibilities and fifteenth-century wood flooring from the old Pasig Cathedral still intact today. The museum gives visitors a curated timeline of the history of Pasig through several collections, and even includes memorabilia of the Katipunan battles fought in the vicinity. 



Cevio Art Haus

San Isidro Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Owned by art enthusiast and entrepreneurs Cecilio and Teng Tobillo, Cevio Art Haus welcomes those who would like to explore their artistic side through painting sessions with their in-house instructors to create their own personal masterpiece. It also runs mini-exhibitions for aspiring and local artists who want to showcase their artwork, and can serve as an events space if you want to hold your own art gatherings. With its very tight-knit feel, Cevio Art Haus has been able to cultivate a community of both artists and enthusiasts that continues to get bigger. 



Art Gallery Cafe Atbp

Gloria Street, Cainta

Art Gallery Cafe Atbp is a hub for different types of artists i.e., visual artists, songwriters, poets, musicians, tattoo artists, and photographers. The creative center encourages artists to help and inspire aspiring artists to hone and embrace their creative side through art exhibits, basic art lessons, tattoo services, live acoustic music while also moonlighting as a cafe.


vMeme Contemporary Gallery

General Araneta Street, San Antonio, Pasig City


An artist-run space, vMeme takes pride in supporting Philippine contemporary artists who uphold advocacy in their art as guided by the gallery’s belief that art should go beyond the physical and economic value. The gallery hosts collections that represent a culture of hope and freedom for art, artists, communities and Philippine society at large.





Bonus: Pinto Art Museum

Sierra Madre Street, Antipolo City

Just a few minutes away from Cainta, Rizal, Pinto Art Museum has attracted many visitors all over the Philippines since it opened in 2010. Its name is literally the Filipino word for “door”, and it is just that—an opening which leads to a carefully-curated gallery of contemporary and primitive Filipino art. According to its website, the museum “is founded on the principle that art plays a diplomatic role in bridging distinctive nationalities, worldviews, and communities.” It successfully does just that, by complementing its permanent collection with international exhibitions that showcase the artistic prowess of the Filipino. 



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This article originally appeared on Lamudi.com

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