NEWS - 18 November 2017

Beating the metro traffic

The struggle is real for those who commute daily in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, the unspeakable horrors that often happen when you hop from one transport system into another during rush hour are a lot.

While you are in transit, it’s common to experience a whole range of emotions from anger to disgust to self-pity. But what prevails is your determination to get to work or to get cozy in your own home.

The worst that can happen during your commute is when it starts to rain, resulting in an even more horrendous traffic. The entire Metro can be paralyzed after a heavy hour-long downpour. And to make matters worse, thunderstorms often happen in the afternoon just right after you step out of your office building.

Yet seasoned commuters have been accustomed to such erratic weather patterns. They are armed with tough umbrellas and waterproof jackets.

The government, for its part, is trying hard to find solutions to this perennial problem. But for the commuters, these do not seem enough.

Some of them have developed strategies to bear with this reality. Below are some suggestions to bust the stress during a long commute:

1) Think that this too shall pass. The rains, the traffic as well as the obnoxious passenger seated next to you will not stay forever. You will get to wherever you are going, and you’ll be able to snuggle up next to your loved ones soon. However horrible this day is going, you will laugh about it tomorrow.

2) It is all you can do. While you’re at it, de-stress with sounds and thoughts of meditation. Silence your mind and focus your attention on the ideas in your mind and sounds around you. Do not try to fix them. Chill and think happy thoughts.

3) Try to find a commute buddy. Carpooling is one of the best options to augment the traffic in the metro. And sometimes being stuck in traffic with friends makes the commute going home more bearable. At least you don’t need to go through the tedious task of enduring the traffic all by yourself. Just don’t forget to chip in for the gas.

4) Look at your commute from a different perspective. Some think that the long commute home offers them a chance to quiet down their mind. If you think about it, it’s the perfect time to talk to loved ones (just don’t overdo it and talk in hush tones). You can catch up on your reading or listen to music. Do your shopping list or expense list while stuck in traffic. You can be productive while being in the gridlock.

5) Look at it this way: this is the perfect time to “disconnect.” Your commute can be the best part of your day. The timing is right for you to unplug and disconnect from social media. Instead of checking your e-mail or Facebook, try to power down your phone. Who knows? It might just calm your senses. Consider this a “tech-free” ride and once it becomes a habit, you may actually even look forward to this downtime.

But if you are really sick and tired of commuting, if you really can’t stand waiting in line for the train or the shuttle, then it’s about time to put your hard-earned time and money onto something that will alleviate the stresses away. Why not consider investing in your first home at an address that is nearby the office?

There are a lot of developments that are built near transport hubs to bring you one step closer to your destination. This way, you know that all the money you will earn and the time you will spend going to and from will be worth it.

Trusted developer Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. has created residences that are transit-oriented. This means homes that are directly connected to the railway transits, and few minutes away from central business districts. These homes are geared to lessen your time spent in traffic, thus, giving more quality time for your loved ones.

At Empire East’s Little Baguio Terraces, residents are given exactly this peace of mind that they do not need to endure the gridlock of the metro daily.

Being a transit-oriented residential project located along N. Domingo St. in San Juan City, Little Baguio Terraces boasts of a strategic address that sits in between the Gilmore and J. Ruiz stations of the LRT 2. This offers a fast transportation option for students who go to the universities in Manila, and to yuppies who work in Makati, Ortigas, and Quezon City.

The Little Baguio Terraces offers two- and three-bedroom units in four residential towers to anyone who wishes to own a San Juan City address.

Homeowners get access to the amenities for relaxation and recreation. A swimming pool, sunbathing lounge, children’s pool, playground, a gym, and daycare center are all hosted at the first level of Towers 1 and 3.

Investments in Empire East have become synonymous with value and practicality. Providing affordable housing choices for buyers has been the company’s mantra for over two decades. Such developments offer a higher quality of life and convenience for its dwellers.

To know more, you may call 810-3333 or e-mail inquiry@empire-east.com. For other properties by Empire East, visit www.empire-east.com or follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


This article first appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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