NEWS - 16 March 2020

How to Keep Your Condo Clean and Virus-free

On a normal timeline, how often do you wash and change your bed sheets and pillow cases? What schedule do you set for cleaning the bathroom, commonly used areas like the living room and even the most touched parts of your home like the doorknobs?


Our homes should be the safe haven where we can recuperate after a long day’s work. But because of the recent happenings related to the widespread issue on the Coronavirus-- which has already infected a large number of people from different parts of the world, we must be more thorough when it comes to keeping our homes clean and safe.


As a proactive measure to keeping ourselves and our family safe during this season, we must practice proper sanitation and keep an eye out on necessary actions needed to keep your condo clean and virus-free.


Here are five ways to help you disinfect your home:


Decide where to start

Identify the parts of your home that are commonly used by the family: living room, the bathroom, and the dining room. When you’ve already decided to start the cleaning, make sure to arm yourself with protection-- wear gloves and mask. It is also helpful to sort out the things according to how often they are being used at home.


Make spaces for the boxes so you have more room for movements.


Use disinfectant wipes for quick cleaning

Consider the things you touch multiple times a day-- these are the doorknobs, refrigerator and cabinet handles, sinks, and the remote control. Using disinfectant wipes, can help you  quickly rub the surfaces of these frequently used materials as often as you like.


Keep a disinfectant spray handy + use bleach for cleaning

There are studies that show how disinfectant sprays can help kill bacteria and cold and flu viruses which can thrive in the corners of your home.


It is ideal that you spray various areas often to prevent these pathogens from spreading. Keep the spray handy so you can easily disinfect especially those areas that are often dimmed and out of reach.


Using the “bleach-water solution” can also aid in your house-cleaning. You can mix 1 cup off bleach in 1 gallon of water to clean rough and dirty surfaces like those in the bathroom. This has stronger components which can easily combat the bacteria which grow in commonly used areas.


Change your sheets!

For some households, sheets are being changed once every two weeks or even after a month. But for some hygienic reasons, it is advisable to change your pillowcases and bed sheets as often as once every week, especially during this time when the virus and bacteria spread faster.


Dispose stuff

Sponges, bathroom scrubs, and towels can be a home to thousands  of bacteria. Replacing these items every once in a while is essential in preventing further stretch of bacteria and viruses.


Proper cleaning and sanitation is one of the most effective ways to prevent yourself from acquiring diseases. But we must also not forget the basics-- washing your hands in  a 20-second duration, as the simplest method to maintain hygiene and sanitation.


One's health is always at stake during these times, hence practicing the necessary measures is really helpful in keeping your home clean and safe.



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