NEWS - 02 October 2019

How to Own a Home in Metro Manila

For someone who always leaves for work early in the morning, comes home late almost every night, and still enjoys socializing on the weekends, living in a condo is the closest you can get to achieving a work-life balance. 

You can picture your home at the center while your workplace, the recreational hubs, and commercial establishments are just connecting dots that trail to where you live. It is convenient, yes. Who wouldn’t want to live near everything that matters? 

But jumping from an ideal concept without the proper mindset and basic knowledge doesn’t sound like a great idea. 

The thing is, if you did not grow up from the bustling city of Metro Manila and you are starting to look for better opportunities in the capital city, you might consider looking for an accessible place to cut off your transportation expenses. 


It sounds fitting, but at the same time, it is hard to dip your feet into shallow water without checking whether you are in for a good or worse ride.


Here are three pointers of ‘to-dos’ before taking the full-on adventure of acquiring a home in the metro:



Decide to Start

This may sound vague, but it only makes sense to give the idea of independent living a go. Although, it doesn’t count if you just thought of it now and decided to start right away within the next two hours. A big step, that’s what it is. 

Part of the process is listing down your home preferences first, including your budget, and searching for property developers who could offer you an array of choices. Find the perfect partner that can cater to the vital points you’ve listed: accessibility, convenience, excellent amenities, and a variety of unit sizes. Going through this whole process is crucial to assess the best home option for you. 







Look for Flexible Payment Offers

Now that you already fueled your desire to live in a condo, choosing one that supports your budget goals comes next. It is essential to consider the sources of your income first, then try to decide which portion goes to the rent, savings, then other miscellaneous fees. Try to look for the best home that can attend to your needs while matching your finances at the same time. That way, you can adjust yourself and budget your money according to the one that is most convenient for you.









Have the Right Money Mindset

Millennials nowadays tend to overlook one of the essential portions of their expenses-- savings! As a grown-up, it’s best to divide your money into several parts, including which part goes to the rent, in case you are planning to allot one for a long-term investment. Consider saving, growing, and increasing your money source instead of following the millennial trend: “splurge now, bankrupt later.” It’s wise to track where your money goes, so everything has its portion, and you can avoid overspending.






After going through this tedious process, you can finally consider moving in and start with the condo living! Empire East offers ideal homes for today’s generation of hardworking millennials. 

With flexible payment terms and easily accessible locations, you can acquire and move into your dream home today!

To know more about Empire East’s flexible payment terms, call us at 810-3333 or email us at inquiry@empire-east.com. You can also visit www.empire-east.com or follow us on our social media accounts to discover your home options now! 



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