NEWS - 11 November 2017

Ideal home choice for growing families

A young couple sat in front of an empty lot while eating their melting ice cream cones in one hand. As sweet as the ice cream tasted, nothing could beat the sweetness of the moment as they imagined how their future home would look like.

Soon, they were turning their dreams into reality. Slowly but surely, the house became a structure. But it was no ordinary structure, as it will house the dreams of their family.


Lives will be nurtured in this house. Memories will be made under this roof. This family will survive the challenges in this house, which they will turn into a home that will last more than their own lifetimes.

The walls will be silent witnesses to the joys and sorrows they will face. The windows will let the light in during the darkest days and it will guarantee that life will proceed.

Above all, love will keep this family intact—holding every structure, furniture and every member of the family. Love will be the gravity which grounds everything in this house.

Every Filipino looks forward to these days. Having a house to come home to is considered a milestone in every family’s life.

This is precisely why home investment matters.

You must ask the hard questions when it comes to securing your first home. First, you have to trust your developer. It will be difficult to invest your hard-earned cash and end up losing all of it because your developer turns out to be a scam.

Do your homework by researching on the credibility of your developer. Ask feedback from those who have already transacted with them. Read articles regarding their financial state and track record just to make sure.

After doing the routine background check on your developer, inspect the structure that you are buying. It is only natural that before you sign the contract, you have to know what you are getting into.

It must pass primary considerations such as: Is the location secure and is near your workplace or does it provide access to your children’s school? Does it have complete amenities where you can spend quality downtime with your loved ones? Is the space adequate for you to unleash your decorative prowess?

With the prevalence of high-rise projects, quality is of prime importance. Your first home must be a realization of everything you envisioned. It must have life essentials such as comfort and convenience.

Owning a home is the best legacy you can leave behind. Nothing will beat watching your children grow under one roof. Look at real estate as something you can build on so that you have something concrete and useful to give your loved ones.

Affordability is already a settled issue. The abundance of condominiums has led to more affordable rates. For P4 million, you can live in highly desirable and rent-friendly locations. Smaller spaces command higher yields with studio units and 30-sqm rooms are on the rise.

Real estate is a tangible asset. This means that you can see the physical structure of your investment and occupy it.

As a growing family, you have more expenses along the way. Investing in real estate is still highly attractive. Also, the presence of real estate in your portfolio of assets can lower volatility and can provide venues for higher returns.

Still, a home is the best gift you can give your family. Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. is among the developers who have made a personal mission to look after your needs when it comes to having a home.

The portfolio of Empire East is designed to make every development stand out.

A perfect fit for growing families is Empire East’s Pioneer Woodlands. Located at the midpoint of Edsa corner Pioneer St., this six-tower development provides access to business districts in Ortigas, Makati and Quezon City

This is Empire East’s first-ever transit-oriented development. Pioneer Woodlands is considered a transport hub which makes a commuting more bearable for employees.

Investing in a real estate project such as Pioneer Woodlands is a sure hit for those who would want to make the right choice of investing for the future.

To know more, you may call 810-3333 or e-mail inquiry@empire-east.com. For other properties by Empire East, visit www.empire-east.com or follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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