NEWS - 07 April 2021

Investing During a Pandemic: Yay or Nay

Ever heard of the phrase, “There’s no better time to start investing than now”? Business gurus and financial advisors often express this adage, especially when things were still normal. But what about during a global pandemic?


COVID-19 isn’t a myth nor just a nightmare (even though we wish it were). It has taken a toll on various sectors, especially businesses, affecting our economy. Following the health and sanitation protocols are becoming the “new normal” routine, and we don’t have any choice but to adapt.


Meanwhile, Filipinos strive to overcome the effects of sweeping lockdowns, layoffs, and mental and physical exhaustion. Now more than ever, more people are looking for ways to survive and sustain themselves and their families. 


Now, with all these happening in the year 2021, the question still lies: Is it OKS to invest during a pandemic?


The answer is YES. 2020 and 2021 are years of economic downturn and can be the perfect time to invest. While it is true that the idea of money sounds volatile during these times, investors should take advantage of this opportunity where stocks and real estate properties are at their most profitable state. 


On the other hand, potential investors should be wise in choosing a suitable investment. They should ensure that they have enough money to sustain themselves for the next six to twelve months, and of course, assess potential risks to maximize your investments’ growth.


Why investing is more ideal than saving


While it has been a norm for most Filipinos to save money, it’s time that we embrace the idea of investing as a more apt and strategic way to grow our finances. 


Investing does not stagnate your money; saving does. It is true that saving prevents you from bankruptcy but would you want your financial growth to stop there?


There is a big difference between these two: saving allows you to access your money when you need it while investing requires commitment and discipline. But, there is always a reward for those who enjoy the season of waiting. When you invest your money in something that would potentially give you high-income returns after a few years, then you know you’re on the right track.


In its simplest sense, inflation affects the value of money. What Php10,000 amounts to now will not be the same five to ten years from now. The fluctuations in inflation affect the purchasing power of money, and one smart way to combat it is by making safe investments.


What’s the perfect investment for me?


There are tons of investment options out there, and all you have to do is assess their risks, potential income returns if it fits your financial goals, and the duration or how soon you need your money back.


The first step is to set your goal. What do you need your money for? Retirement? Child’s education? Your wedding? A condo or dream house? Or short-term ones like a new gadget? You need to identify your goals before deciding which investment would be best for you.


Stocks are one of the most popular types of investments. You buy a share of the company’s earnings and assets. Just like any other investments, stocks can be risky. Your returns and losses mainly depend on the company’s performance, but it does produce high returns over time. 


Bonds are also another form of investment in the form of a loan where the bond issuer pays you interest for the borrowed money and repay the original amount you paid for the bond or what we call the “principal.” Bonds are considered fixed-income investments because interests are paid in regular installments. Meanwhile, mutual funds diversify your investments and allow you to get good investment returns and opportunities as well. 


Another good investment that you should consider is owning a property. This includes housing, real estate, and rental properties. This is a tangible investment that poses a sense of ownership, thus making it appealing to many investors. One clever reason you should consider real estate as your next investment is its high returns and opportunities. 


The value of a property appreciates over time, and you can use it as a source of income through rental and any profits derived from property-dependent business activities. You can make the most out of this investment when the property value increases, and it’s time to sell. Rents also rise over time which can lead to higher cash flow.


Investing in a property during a pandemic is also more strategic when you avail of various limited-time offers with promos and discounts. One perfect example is Empire East’s SUPER OKS Promowhere you can get up to a 15% discount on select properties.


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With real estate investment opportunities like these, you can get your money’s worth in no time, making it worthwhile to invest even during a pandemic.


Which of these investments sound good to you? Let us know what you think. Follow us on social media for more investment tips!


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