NEWS - 14 January 2019

Say NO to stress and YES to progress

The YES attitude has been a popular concept among authors and communities in the past century. With over a hundred self-help books and films created around its central message of positivity and optimism, this perspective of positive reinforcement continues to be the number one driver of inspiration even among the generation of millennials today–a generation of passionate and headstrong bunch unwilling to stop at anything to achieve their fiery goals.

However, this generation has also recently been identified as “the most stressed generation” according to the 2018 survey of the American Psychology Association (APA) – for reasons of prolonged working hours that hinder beneficial rest days and expectations being unmet under extreme pressures from work and family.

To cope, most of them turn to other sources of escape such as quick weekend breaks to climb a mountain, or turning to pocket gaming via mobile and internet apps for that much-needed relaxation. The downside is, at the end of the day, these are still temporary things and can only help momentarily

But some of these millennials have started to discover that the secret to a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle is by simply changing your view in life.


The YES attitude makes you resilient

Developing an attitude that welcomes everything and anything that may arise is one way of telling yourself that you are ready and willing to get bumped and bruised by life’s “best shot” yet will manage to come out of it standing.

Is it a new day at work and you have to fight off your bed and the congested road just to come on time? Do you have to face a difficult client today? Have you been staring at a desk job for so long and decide head on that today will be the day you file it under “completed” task?

The YES attitude doesn’t fear failure as much as the pessimist does. In fact, it is actually one way of cheering yourself on as you get through a difficult day. Don’t worry; the rewarding rest (and compliments from your boss) at the end will be worth it.


The YES attitude attracts positivity from others

Having a YES attitude actually makes you a better, more cheerful person. It will make people wonder how you can still get genuinely happy despite the challenges of paperwork and reporting each day. And guess what? You’ll be surprised to find yourself replying in a sing-song voice as you exclaim how you prefer to work this way. Besides, being grumpy over situations you can’t do anything about (because it’s your job) won’t help you get things done.

The good news is, your happiness could in fact attract more people to help you because they feel inspired by your aura.



The YES attitude propels you to progress 

Saying yes to even your more challenging tasks, enveloped with a spirit of optimism and goals actually helps you accomplish things faster and better – ultimately leading to a position of experience and achievement.

Having a positive outlook in life actually sets your heart in motion towards your visions for yourself. And when you do that, you slowly accumulate points for progress in your life.

How long people served a company or even how far they have come in their business or personal plans through the years surprises others. The secret to every big accomplishment lies on the series of small things you have done towards it.

Sometimes, actions come first before emotions will follow. We don’t always love the nitty-gritty details of our daily work but when we set our minds into getting things done despite the uphill battles always yield beautiful results.


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Originally appeared on inquirer.net


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