NEWS - 14 February 2018

Sorry boys and girls, but diamonds are not as forever as you may think.

 The month of February has always been regarded as the "love month because of Valentine's Day. Some gentlemen even choose this time of the year to propose their love to their girlfriends, by giving them diamond rings to symbolize eternity.

Yes, we have heard one too many times that diamonds are the most tenacious gems on earth; scratched only be a fellow diamond but never of other jewels. But we may have also heard lots of horror stories as told by some women of these tiny sparkles getting washed off into seashores, flushed down the toilet, misplaced or even eaten by the dog. Your investment, which may range from Php 20,000 to Php 50,000 may quickly be put to waste!

Wouldn't the promise of forever be made more special when you give or receive gifts that are equal to that value? Like a home. Who would have thought that for only Php 18,000, you will be able to choose the specific cut, size, and place of your future house? A structure carefully made within the most serene and convenient residential communities in Metro Manila?

With Php 18,000, you don't just get a stone, but a range of durable materials used to support the construction of your walls, floors, and roof. You don't just get to wear a small sized memento, but you get to live in a widely-cut living area where your future children can run around in. With this reasonable amount, you don't just get one sparkling jewellery, but an entire home you can fill with shining memories and a bright future!

This love month, choose wisely. The best gift you can give is a happy future.

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