NEWS - 05 May 2020

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Keep a Positive Mental and Physical Health at Home

Since the beginning of ECQ, the Department of Health (DOH) and the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) both warned about the rising cases of depression in the country, as more people struggled with the 'uncertainties of tomorrow.'


And believe it or not, "Netflix and Chill" won't always work to help combat this phenomenon. It takes real quality "me time" to help take care of our mental health.


Taking care of one's mental health is as essential as being cautious about our physical well-being. While there are ways on how to be physically fit, key points for mental health awareness are present likewise. Besides, self-care comes in different forms, and this contributes largely to how we perceive the things that happen around us, especially during this health crisis.


The good news is that through constant self-affirmation, we can take full responsibility to regain our mental balance. Here's How to Keep a Positive Mental and Physical Health at Home:


Get an adequate amount of sleep


It's tempting to binge-watch your favorite K-dramas, and while it's not entirely wrong, it does rob your brain and body of the right amount of rest (about 6 to 8 hours) that it needs to replenish tissues and keep it more active the next day. Practice setting a bedtime and let your body heal. 


Intentionally plan out healthy meals for the week

Diet plays a vital role in our mental health. Studies reveal that refined carbs and processed food may worsen depression as compared to eating whole grains. Food sends out chemical waves into the body that affects our mood and general outlook. So make sure you make a healthy list of food choices to buy on your next grocery run. Plan and make it count!









Exercise regularly

Did you know that exercise is a natural treatment to cure a bad mood and depression? Harvard University's health department reports that "high-intensity exercise releases the body's feel-good chemicals called endorphins, resulting in the "runner's high" that joggers report." This instantly provides the body with the right amount of happy hormones and a more relaxed feeling to make it through the day. Make sure to allow at least 30 minutes a day to stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing. 


Learn time management

Let's face it; sometimes, a disorganized mind makes us feel more messed up and sadder. We start off wanting to accomplish something with great vigor in the beginning, only to lose ourselves to distracting activities throughout the day. Try to control your life by deliberately writing down the main goals for the day and sticking to it. Learn to say no to trivial activities to achieve these important tasks and feel satisfied with your accomplishments by the end of the day!


Don't be afraid to ask for help

It's normal for us to feel afraid of seeking help lest we be thought as a burden. However, in reality, humans are naturally inclined to help out. Verbalize your thoughts to a small circle of friends you're close with. Or, if it makes it easier, to a neighbor. Sending that message could do you more good than harm. Besides, our brains are naturally wired to express our feelings with other people regardless of our personalities. 


Daily vitamins intake

Protect yourself from viruses and bacteria by boosting your immune system. A daily vitamin-C intake can help prevent pathogens from entering our system. Along with a balanced and healthy meal, vitamins can also help clear our minds from negative thoughts, and produce newer cells in our body! 


Don't forget to spoil yourself every once in a while

Reward every hard work with a treat. Whether it's a self-care or skincare purchase, a DIY massage, snacks delivery, or a whole weekend spent by yourself is something worth experiencing! Don't feel guilty about "me-time" if it means having the chance to listen to your body and develop changed habits or perspective.


While enjoying your "me-time," take this chance to think of long-term goals like an upgraded lifestyle for yourself and the family. Consider searching for beautiful and accessible homes that can both offer you the solace and rejuvenation that you need as well as the convenience and proximity to the places you need to be in the city. 


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