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Turning Your Space into an Artist’s Haven

Who loves to play with different elements and have those colorful splashes inside your home? If you do, then you are one of the homeowners who love to create an artist’s haven inside their homes. If you’re short on ideas how you can convert your already lovely home to an even more vibrant living space, here are our top picks for decoration ideas whether you’re a true-blue artist or just an art aficionado.


How to Brighten Up Your Living Space with These Artistic Picks | 5 Creative Ideas


  1. Place Your Art at Eye Level

When hanging your art on the wall, it is a rule of thumb to place it 8-16 inches above any table or sofa. This means hanging low enough at eye level where you get to appreciate the entirety of the art. The same concept applies when you decorate your wall with smaller artworks. You can also choose not to hang them and let them lean instead on the wall a la modern artists’ art gallery.


  1. Set Your Mood with The Right Color

Every color elicits a certain emotion and you can choose one that is in tune with your mood. The colors gray and blue have a calming effect, while yellow usually sets a mellow tone to your home. Different gradients of each color will also have different effects depending on how bright or how dark they are. If you have a white wall, you can experiment with different shades and hues for your artworks.


  1. Have A Focal Point When Decorating

The focal point is the first spot inside your home where your eyes land first upon entering. Place a striking piece of artwork in that part and then design the rest of the area based on it. You can pick out one of the colors in the artwork and this can serve as your guide for choosing the colors of your other decorations. You can aim at pitching a unified appeal where every piece of decor complements with one another.


  1. Different Elements, Different Textures

If you prefer the more eclectic vibe, you can integrate different textures of artworks such as hanging classic and elegant oil paintings in places around the house where they are the main attraction. You can then design antique finds either made of brass, metal, marble, or wood to accentuate your side tables or shelves near the paintings. It is best to choose a neutral color for your furnishings if you want to highlight the artworks and bric-a-bracs.


  1. No Place in The Home Left Out

Decorating your home with artworks isn’t just limited to the living room and the bedroom. You can spice up your kitchen and even your bathroom with artworks and other statement pieces. If you are adventurous enough, you may create a different art theme for every nook in your home. Although this will deviate from the traditional way of creating a uniform look, but if it reflects more of your personality, you can go and style away as you wish.


There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to art masterpieces you can weave into your living space that reflect your personality and your style. They need not be expensive if they complement the overall look that you want to achieve for your home. Let your imagination take you higher and explore as many creative ideas as you can and exquisite pieces of art you can find out there. Make them stand out, make them reflect who you are.


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