NEWS - 09 July 2019

Why Choose a Universally-Designed Community?

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, short or tall, active or laidback—anyone can enjoy a convenient and comfortable lifestyle in a home that is designed to cater to the needs of all people, regardless of their age, size, ability, or shape.


Building a community that offers a premium yet affordable and universally-accessible living is one of the far-reaching goals of many residential property developers in the country nowadays. At the heart of every design process, it is crucial to showcase universally-designed places that allow buildings and the environment to be in rhythm with every single person’s needs.



As diverse as the culture, beliefs, and needs of people are, we vary in different aspects. Some are born with natural abilities and coping mechanisms, strengths and weaknesses, physical ability, and intelligence. These diversity and key differences in human abilities are what fueled every developer’s vision of creating more accessible homes that feature universal designs to attend to a broader set of end-users in the market.


Universal design concept highlights features that can be enjoyed by homeowners from different walks of life. It is strategically planned to provide a convenient, safe, and accessible lifestyle to its users-- from the architectural design to the ambiance and amenities that are masterfully planned out to create a more functional and sustainable lifestyle.


The Cambridge Village along East Bank Road at the convergence of Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal, is one of Empire East's “micro city” projects. This approximately 8-hectare community features six-to-ten-storey buildings with contemporary architecture, basking in pastel hues and displaying a charming modern terrain that complements the evolving urban lifestyle of its homeowners.


This 37-tower residential development heavily considers every Filipino's demands for a convenient and accessible lifestyle, which is incorporated in its universally-designed architecture, landscapes, and amenities. The Cambridge Village boasts its masterfully crafted facilities that attend to its homeowners' varying needs, and offer a seamless travel within the 8-hectare community.



Within every unit, doors follow a universal size with home features such as bathrooms and living rooms that also ideally make for more breathable space. All units are delivered quality-finished and livable with basic fixtures such as toilets and baths, floor tiles and kitchen countertops and cabinets to ensure maximum level of enjoyment for first-time movers. There’s also a wide array of living spaces that aspiring homebuyers can choose from—ranging from executive studio, one-bedroom loft, two-bedroom suite, and combined 3-bedroom units.



While the community's safety and accessibility are essential considerations when looking for a potential home, the Cambridge Village features doors and elevators that are designed to be user-friendly associating easy-open close mechanisms and number pads with braille code options. Ramps are structured and carefully-placed to help PWDs maneuver their way through each building.  It also acclaims wide and open parking spaces that are generously set up to provide a more convenient experience among motorists. The roads, driveways, and drop-offs are also made wide enough to accommodate all car sizes.


Universal design is also seen at the amenity area – where pools are made with varying levels to accommodate both children and adults. The mixture of recreational amenities – from swimming pools and multi-purpose court to a fitness gym, karaoke bar and library is also a great example of accommodating the interests of homeowners.



Choosing a home that purveys to every family member's demands is a tough decision; it is very crucial to consider their needs regardless of their personal nature and capabilities. The Cambridge Village is envisioned to be the choice of home among young professionals, new families, newlywed couples, students, and aspiring businesspeople who are at the threshold of their dreams. Because of the myriad inclusions in a self-sustaining community, it also has become a one-stop-shop yet exclusive community in the city—anchored in the company's mission to build homes that provide the all-time and complete wants and needs of every intelligent homebuyer.


The Cambridge Village recently bagged awards in the recently concluded PropertyGuru's Philippines Property Awards 2019 as the BEST AFFORDABLE HIGH-RISE CONDO DEVELOPMENT IN METRO MANILA and was also selected as the BEST UNIVERSAL DESIGN DEVELOPMENT. Interested to be part of this community? Call (02)8103333 or visit www.empire-east.com to know more about this project.


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