Message from the President and CEO
Atty. Anthony Charlemagne C. Yu
At Empire East, we embody the power of a vision. What started as a concept, Your True Home, has evolved into an illuminating beacon that guides our path toward building innovative, sustainable, and affordable communities. Today, Empire East's vision comes alive, providing resilient homes that stand strong amidst life's challenges and milestones.

The pandemic tested our resilience, but we stood unwavering, emerging with greater strength and determination. In this ever-evolving and challenging world, we believe that our vision is more important now than ever before.

It has sparked digital innovations that propelled us forward in a fast-changing market landscape.

In 2022, we developed digital tools and online platforms, aligning with our 3Ps - People, Product, and Process. We prioritized crucial touchpoints in the homebuying process, blending offline and online transactions seamlessly. This resulted in faster, reliable outcomes, simplifying the journey for homebuyers and our Empire East team.

We are grateful for the support of our residents and homebuyers as they fuel our relentless pursuit of excellence. In appreciation, we introduced—an online portal to help in their Empire East homebuying journey, supported by our dedicated team.

As we reach our remarkable 30th year in the real estate industry, our dedication to creating Your True Home and elevating the standards of innovative city living burns stronger than ever. We remain steadfast in our commitment, ready to embrace this vision for years to come, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.