5 Bold Home Design Ideas for Modern Filipinas

11 March 2024
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March is not only the start of summer but also the time to honor and celebrate the achievements and contributions of Filipino women in history, culture, and society. 

This Women's Month, Empire East, one of the leading real estate developers in the country, salutes the modern Filipina who embodies resilience, empowerment, and excellence in various fields and endeavors. They have built a legacy of dynamism, strength, and unique style through decades of change. 

With a home that reflects these very same qualities, here are five bold home design ideas to inspire you to create a space that's as unique and empowering as you are:

1.  Minimalist Luxuries

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Modern Filipinas have a keen eye for clean lines and uncluttered spaces, appreciating the elegance and serenity they bring to a home. This design trend prioritizes functionality and high-quality materials while fostering a sophisticated, chic haven.

Streamlined furniture pieces will surely complement the minimalist aesthetic of your space. Neutral palettes with pops of color will add visual interest while maintaining a serene atmosphere. At the same time, a statement piece of lighting fixtures will add character and personality to your space while providing ample illumination. 

2.  Indoor Eco Trinkets

Image by Fred Naumann / The Healthy Houseplant

Like ever-evolving modern Filipinas, indoor greeneries are a timeless trend that adds life, color, and natural beauty to your home. Our modern Filipinas seek solace in nature-soaked environments, as it improves air quality and creates a sense of calm besides its aesthetic appeal. 

Some common types of plants that thrive in indoor spaces and are perfect for nurturing inside your home are snake plants, known for their air-purifying properties. Peace lily is renowned for its elegant white flower, adding a refreshing touch to your home, and spider plants, which are very easy to care for, are perfect for career-oriented, busy Filipinas.

3.  Multifunctional Spaces

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Celebrating dynamic living, modern Filipinas juggle various roles and activities, demanding adaptable living spaces. Multifunctional storage spaces' versatile usage allows you to adapt your living spaces to suit your evolving needs

Invest in a stylish sofa bed or a Murphy bed that can be tucked away when not in use, allowing your home office to double as a comfortable guest room whenever needed. Designate a cozy corner of your home with a comfy armchair or floor cushions, surrounded by shelves filled with your favorite books. Add a yoga mat and some calming decor elements to create a tranquil space to unwind with a good book or practice yoga and meditation.

4.  Smart Home Technology

Image by David / Deep Sea Developments

As a modern Filipina who likes to stay connected and in control of her comfort space, she will surely appreciate the convenience and security offered by smart home technology. Smart home features like automated lighting, temperature control, security cameras, and door locks empower her to create a secure and personalized everyday experience.

A report from February 2022 revealed that there is continuous growth in the smart home market in the Philippines. The year-on-year increase for smart home control and connectivity devices was 71%. This is followed by the demand for energy management and comfort and lighting smart homes at 54.6% and 51.8%, respectively.

5.  Local Artisanal Ornaments

Image by Pongtorn Hiranlikit / Alamy Stock Photo

A modern Filipina has a deep-seated appreciation for her rich cultural heritage. This appreciation manifests in how she adorns her home with local artisanal elements, reflecting the vibrant Filipino craftsmanship and culture

The trend of infusing homes with nationalistic accents is gaining momentum among Filipinos. They breathe new life into their living spaces by upcycling furniture, such as reclaimed wood or vintage pieces. This practice showcases Filipino resourcefulness and weaves a thread of history into the fabric of their homes.

Live Boldly at Empire East Highland City

Empire East Highland City is ideal for those seeking a home tailored to their unique preferences. This sprawling, 22-hectare uphill community, envisioned by esteemed developer Empire East, offers a unique urban experience tailored to your preferences. Nestled along Felix Avenue, Pasig-Cainta, it boasts 40% open spaces and efficient road networks, providing a harmonious blend of nature and city living.

Embrace the panoramic view with wide glass windows, soak in the natural light, and enjoy the unobstructed view, perfect for incorporating your indoor greeneries. Spacious layouts offer ample room to personalize your space. Sleek finishes provide a clean canvas to add unique touches, while ample storage solutions ensure your home stays clutter-free and reflects your style.

Moreover, Empire East Highland City is smart-ready, enabling seamless integration of smart home features such as automated lighting, temperature control, and security systems. These features enhance comfort and convenience, allowing residents to effortlessly tailor their living spaces to their preferences.

Situated within a vibrant community, this sprawling development places you near local markets and galleries, allowing you to discover unique pieces to showcase your individuality and transform your space into your personalized haven. 

This Women's Month, claim your space and design a life as bold and unique as you are. Visit our website or follow us on social media to learn more.

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